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Wedding Woes


Who's here? I know a lot of people got today off.  I just get double time.  ;) 

I am so ready for my 10 days off (for which I only have to use 4 vacation days, w00t!).  What are y'all up to this weekend?

Tonight: Shopping, cleaning, hopefully picking up the last of the gifts I need.  DH will be at FIL's...they're having 'bonding time'.  
Tomorrow: Going to FIL's and doing tacos for Christmas Eve-eve (DH's Christmas Eve-eve family tradition is to open PJ's.  We pick out the PJ's together every year and it's one of my favorite little traditions we've carried on).  
Sunday: Christmas Eve with DH's family and then we'll come home. 

Re: Friday!

  • I'm here working to get a project submitted before 4 PM.  

    Tomorrow I have a nail appointment and bell ringing.  Then we are making chili for Sunday.  Sunday we will go to my brother's for the day.  We'll have chili and christmas goodies.  Sunday night is church.  Monday morning DH and I will open some presents, then my Mom is coming over for brunch.  Later afternoon we're heading to my aunt's for Mom's side Christmas with Aunts, Uncles and cousins.  I'm bringing 2 crockpots of cheesy potatoes and we're having ham and all the other trimmings.

    I took off Tuesday.  I'm going to renew my driver's license and hopefully get an enhanced one.  Then I have a hair cut and am meeting some HS friends for drinks and catching up.

  • I have a deadline that I need to get out the door before the office closes at Noon. Of course no one has looked at any of my drafts until this morning, so I am waiting to get feedback. I sincerely hope I don't have to stay here making edits after the office closes because other people can't manage their time properly. 

    After work I need to pick up a few things at Whole Foods and a local bakery that we will be taking with us to H's sisters on Christmas Eve. And I need to finish wrapping presents and fold some laundry before I go pick up Babypants from school. 

    Tomorrow I have a hair appointment - woohoo! It was supposed to be last Saturday, but we needed to take the baby to the pediatrician so I rescheduled it for tomorrow. Which actually works out better because it means my hair will be professionally blown out for Christmas Eve. 

    Sunday we head to H's sister's place in CT. Christmas Eve is the big holiday in H's family and Christmas Day is the big holiday in mine, so we always go to his sister's in CT for Christmas Eve, then head back home, and then go to my parents' house on Christmas Day for presents and an early dinner. Only this year we will also be traveling with a baby and her essentials. 

    I have all of next week off which I am looking forward to. 
  • @sparklepants41 ; baby travel vibes! It's never easy, especially when it's baby's first holiday

    As of today, I'm off until the 2nd :) First time EVER I've had this time off since we don't typically close the office, and before here I was mainly retail.

    Tonight is groceries and a few small gift pick ups. I may take a bath.

    Tomorrow - M is debating on what he's doing but we have gifts to wrap. I have a prenatal massage also {they emailed so I know proper time lol} I need to swing by the dollarama afterwards to pick up small things {likely tape as well}

    Xmas Eve - last minute wrapping and a couple phone calls. I think I have some last minute baking to do also. We're doing my mum's place, so I need to double check what we're ordering for dinner and if my granny is coming as well.
    We're going to my mum's early because M wants to set up the new TV and just see if she notices lmao

    Xmas Day - M's parents in the morning then aunt and uncle's in afternoon. This is the last year we do the travel. Next year we're gonna see what's best and potentially have his parents for breakfast and my mum for dinner.

    Boxing Day - SFIL's family for lunch.


    28th - Hair cut and colour. Not until afternoon so I can sleep in.

    29th - first OB appt :) then we're looking at going to a museum.

    30th + 31st - nothing :)

    1st - Mayyyybe going to my mum's. It was a possibility. If not, nothing then.
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  • Oh! Side note - almost forgot and idk howwwww - but I think I felt flutters last night. While watching the new Star Wars .... like really :|

    I'm not entirely sure because it's the first time, but it kinda felt like butterfly wings fluttering against my stomach or if someone took a feather against my belly really softly.

    Idk .... if it happens again I'll know. It wasn't hunger this time - I thought it was flutters other day but it was hunger :| - and only difference is because it was softer and much higher.
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  • Went to spin class this morning. Have pilates at noon followed by a stretch therapy session. I sooo need that. My back and hips have been killing me this week. Going out for sushi with DS2 tonight. Tomorrow DS1 and DIL arrive. We will have pulled pork that H smoked. Sunday will be church and a friend's open house. We have a couple of friends coming over for dinner on Christmas day. The kids leave on Tuesday. DD and SIL arrive on Wednesday.
  • 1 hr into Christmas Break and I was over my kids- whining, crying, talking meanly to each other, asking for all kinds of shit.  I was up at 5 to get things done before they got up and I'm tired.  DH left any entire bag of chicken strips on the floor NEXT TO the freezer last night AND left an empty box IN the freezer.  I was annoyed at him too.

    Conference call in a little bit.  Then I think they're going to watch a movie while I regroup.  6let got his palette expander off yesterday so he's looking forward to popcorn.  After that we're decorating gingerbread houses and cookies (hopefully DH will be home by then).

    Tonight a neighbor is taking all of the kids on the court caroling.  For some reason M2 doesn't want to go.  I hope she'll change her mind, but she's in a shy mood. 

    Tomorrow Christmas with FIL and sMIL.  Sunday Christmas Eve at my cousin's.

    I can't wait for Christmas Day- sitting on my ass eating everything bad for me.  Playing games and watching tv! 

    Our menu AFTER homemade cinnamon rolls: Chips and French onion dip, Nachos, meatball sliders, pizza rolls, yum yum stix, pretzel nuggets, carrots and hummus, baked brie, shrimp cocktail, poppers, taquitos, mozzarella sticks

  • I'm here working, I'm only off until Tuesday then working that whole week, but not really doing much of anything. 

    Tonight I'm playing in an alumnae basketball game. I wasn't that good in high school so this should be hilarious. We're going shopping for the pets tomorrow then meeting friends out for drinks. Sunday is Christmas with my family and they better all get along. Christmas Day is with H's family where cocktails start at breakfast. 
  • I'm going the work I need to get by until we close at noon.  Then off to the mall to grab K a  last minute gift (someone didn't stick to the NYE trip deal), pick up some boxes at my parents, and then go home and snuggle my partner until we're forced to leave our apartment tomorrow.  We're reading and binging Magicians this weekend and that's the only plan beyond family time.
  • Ive been off all week although I’ve had a cold and then some drama as well so it hasn’t been that great of a week but at least no work! Normally I take off Christmas week but I liked having it early this time. Hoping it is an option again next year.

    no big plans until heading to my parents for Christmas on Monday. Trying to go through baby B clothes and stuff and sell on my local FB baby page. Did pretty well yesterday and today, only one no show. Have a ton of 9 month stuff to organize and list next which will take a while but at least if I organize now that will be good 
  • Can i just eat all your candy decorations?
  • Haribo Twin Snakes are my faves. 
  • kvruns said:
    Can i just eat all your candy decorations?
    I'll help!
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  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
    5000 Comments 500 Love Its Fourth Anniversary 5 Answers
    I am annoyed. We don’t have a charge on our unit today so my manager is “helping,” which translates to making the day way more difficult than if we had no one at all. 

    I can’t wait to get off work today. I’m going to clean the house tonight so tomorrow I can focus on grocery shopping and getting organized for Christmas. This weekend is going to fly by. I can already feel it. 

    @6fsn that looks like fun! 

  • mrsconn23 said:
    Haribo Twin Snakes are my faves. 
    We didn't get to houses last year so we were going to do pool houses over the summer. Those didn't happen either. Oops. The cookies are from last year too. My standards are so low these days 
  • I took a vacation day yesterday, and will be off through the 2nd - although will likely work from home until Wolverine resumes school on the 8th. DK had today off, but he's sick (caught my cold, that I'd had for the last 2 weeks,) and of course it's turned man cold on him, so he's near death.

    I had a massage appointment this morning, so I told Wolverine to watch TV and let DK sleep. I got home to him sitting on the couch hacking up a lung with her watching TV so I forced him to take medicine and go back to bed.

    I'm feeling a little better today (mine turned bronchitis, so I've been taking antibiotics since Monday hoping to avoid the doctor)  - I told him I'd take Wolverine out to do something in a little while. We'll probably hit up the liquor store and get some groceries.

    I have a turkey defrosting that will likely be dinner tomorrow. I think I'm going to make a duck for Christmas. 

    I need to finish wrapping gifts, but other than that and groceries, I'm done for Christmas. 
  • kvruns said:
    Can i just eat all your candy decorations?
    I'll help!
    I was thinking the same lol. We can be quality control taste testers!! :)
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