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The "no thank you card" trend


Re: The "no thank you card" trend

  • kvruns said:
    Ro041 said:
    I honestly don't send thank you notes for birthday gifts and don't expect to receive thank you notes when I give birthday gifts.  Most birthday gifts are relatively inexpensive (bottle of wine etc) so I don't expect the formalities of a thank you note.  

    I do, however, expect them for larger events (showers, graduations, weddings), where you are expected to shell out more than you otherwise would. 
    This is me too. Growing up I don't remember ever writing a thank you card for a birthday or Christmas gift although we would do a phone call to say thank you to grandparents or whoever. As an adult I will send an email saying thank you for XYZ gift if I don't get to talk to the person (like my grandparents or uncle). 

    But for wedding and baby gifts I got thank you cards out right away. I've honestly never thought about why I don't do birthdays but did the other events other than it is "expected". 

    I do think that when Baby B is a bit older I will have him do thank you notes and start the trend early
    I know my coworker is having her daughters do thank you notes for gifts because quite often they run out of time at parties, so gifts are opened at home.

    It's a sweet idea :) I love getting hand made cards/drawings from kids
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