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My MOH lives in a different state, so it is making dress shopping difficult. I don’t expect her to always drive to me, so after a few failed attempts, we decided that she would go to a shop near her home that has the same designer as one near my home. Gave her the name of the designer and the color.   Now here is the issue. She ordered her dress, from a different designer than discussed and not the shade of blue we had discussed.  She didn’t even call me before ordering. Said there was only one dress in the entire store that looked good on her, so she ordered it.  Do I suck it up and move on? She said it can’t be cancelled, and I’m not sure how to handle this. 

Re: MOH Dress Disaster

  • My daughter's three maids had slightly different shades of blue and different designers.  It looked beautiful!  Matchy-matchy is over with.
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    I agree with @missJeanLouise, since it is your MOH it will look purposeful. Often the MOH will wear a different color/dress than the rest of the bridal party. NBD. I do think she should have told you she couldn't find what you asked her to get but can't do anything about that now.
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    Given that your options are to let it go or potentially lose a friend over a DRESS, I'd let it go.

    ETA: Also, this does not in any way qualify as a 'disaster.'
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    Thanks for your feedback, all.
  • I’d try to let it go.  I understand why you feel frustrated though.
  • I think you have every right to be annoyed but as long as we're talking similar color families and formalities I'd let it go.  
  • I agree that this was kind of a dick move on the part of your MOH. And TBH I think she bought it without asking you because she knew you'd say no. BUT it is what it is, and if I had to guess, dress buying was a little stressful for her. As @southernbelle0915 points out the purposeful different MOH is kind of a look and will probably end up looking like you did it on purpose
  • Also - how many BMs do you have and did they get their dresses yet? If not, it may be worth just telling them they can have a little more leeway now so you get a full mismatched party instead of one different maid
  • When I was MOH for my Bff's wedding, I couldn't find the same dress {non-designer, just a normal store} I snapped a few photos of myself in a couple similar dresses and sent them to her.

    She was cool with it, but I felt etiquette-wise it was just good to at least let her know that I couldn't find the same dress.

    Like a few others mentioned, it looked intentional and I'm sure it'll still flow nicely :)
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    I'd also be annoyed. Your MOH should have told you that she was having trouble finding a dress. She must be a good friend, though, if you chose her as your MOH. I'd let it go.

    Did you discuss the dress budget before you chose a dress? Could the cost of the dress be the reason MOH chose another dress?

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