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Re: Thursday!

  • @kimmiinthemitten, I am confused about what she is suing about also.  I'm assuming she got the cash.  So why does she care if he did/didn't sign their non-disclosure agreement.  If anything, that might protect her from all the blabbing she's been doing.  I feel like I'm missing something.

    As an aside, the photo of her that was with the article I saw on MSN's main page a few days ago was taken at a downtown poboy shop in NOLA.  Me thinking:  "Is that Serio's?  Like, the Serio's I know?"  That was the main reason I even clicked on the ad, lol.  Yep, the caption under the pic was apparently from a visit she had there in 2009.

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  • CMGragainCMGragain member
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    edited March 8

    Also, legal question. Why does Stormy have to sue Trump to prove it isn’t valid?  Can’t she just ignore it and use that as a defense if they sued her?  I’m so confused, and I don’t really care, we already know he’s a sleaze-but I still am confused. 
    A contract isn't valid unless it is signed by all parties concerned and a copy is given to each party along with any remuneration.

    Stormy is taking advantage of her sudden fame, and I'm guessing the ghost written book will come out soon.  She is smart enough to know this won't last, and she's in it for all she can get.  The more publicity, the more money.  (Monica actually thought Bill Clinton was going to divorce Hillary and marry HER!  Now, that's stupid!)

    The President of the United States decided that a piece of ass was worth more than his reputation.  This is not the first time this has happened.
  • @southernbelle0915, thanks so much for the advice!  I just didn't know who to ask for.  And now I'm side-eying that neither person I spoke with were aware that this is the person/department I should be speaking to.
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  • @southernbelle0915, thanks so much for the advice!  I just didn't know who to ask for.  And now I'm side-eying that neither person I spoke with were aware that this is the person/department I should be speaking to.
    You're welcome! It could be they don't know because United's training is really crappy. They're required to have Privacy training upon hire and annually thereafter, but who knows if it's "good enough", you know?

  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    @mrsconn23, yahoo, bonus reading day!  Thanks for posting Prudie.  I forgot it was Prudie day and squee'd when I saw it, lol.

    @levioosa, I know you've had a stressful week for school, I hope you did well.

    @charlotte989875, Sorry to hear you've gotten sicker this week.  I hope it clears up soon!

    @CharmedPam, for some reason, I was thinking you all were keeping both houses and using the condo as a weekend place.  Am I mistaken?  Because, yikes!, that is a tough commute.

    SSDD.  I blew up at my medical insurance company the other night.  Prepare for a rant.

    So, get this.  They sent me a mailer that is basically a thick piece of paper folded in half.  And, on one of the outsides of the paper...for all the world to see...it said something like:

    Diabetes Information



    The inside was a newsletter format with the most basic of tips/obvious information on taking care of diabetes.  Yeah, whatever, nothing I haven't known for 24+ years.

    But what angered me...and I'm still just floored...is the complete lack of privacy that United Healthcare has shown with my medical condition.  WTF is wrong with them?!?!

    I mean, I don't even keep it a big secret.  But that doesn't mean I want my mailperson...anyone rooting through my mailbox...a neighbor accidentally getting my mail (which happens 1-2x/month)...to have it shoved in their face.

    The first guy I talked to just made it worse.  He didn't even seem to understand why I was upset.  I had to ask him multiple times why something like this isn't against HIPAA.  He finally answered "because it doesn't specifically say I have diabetes."  I argued with him that, while technically true, it would sure be OBVIOUS to ANYONE who saw my mailer that I have diabetes.  WOULDN'T IT?"

    Anyway, "all" he could do was remove from that mail list.  I told him that, of course I wanted that, but this needed to be escalated because it was an outrageous practice.  He told me he had no idea who to address that to and I needed to call customer service.  He was just the eHealth newsletter "add/subtract people from the list" guy, smh.

    So I called customer service and, for what it was worth (probably nothing), had better results.  The person I spoke to was sympathetic and understood exactly why I was upset.  Apparently she wasn't aware of these newsletters and was appalled also.  She outlined with me the e-mail she was going to send out and to which department heads, emphasizing how upset and violated that I...their customer...had been at my privacy not being kept more secure. 

    <<end rant>>

    That "e-newsletter" guy needs to be fired.

    I'd be furious to get something like that too -- and even more furious to get a BS brushoff when I complained about it.
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