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Help! Planning a wedding in 6 months!!!

My Fiance surprised me and proposed on St. Patty's day!!!  He then also surprised me by saying he wants to get married this September (oh boy).  Any recommendations on venues?  We are in a mad dash and on a budget.


Re: Help! Planning a wedding in 6 months!!!

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    We are using Eagle Eye for our reception but we also looked into Walnut Hills, MSU Union and Timber Ridge. All are in the Lansing/E. Lansing area. We found all of them to be resonably priced; just depends on what style you are looking for, budget and also where your wedding will be. We are getting married at St. Thomas Aquinas so Eagle Eye is only about 15 minutes away( if that far), we also looked into the Alumni Chapel at MSU too. Hope this helps a little.

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  • emarston1emarston1 member
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    By "budget" what do you mean?  Everyone has a budget but that has a unique definition to each person.  What are looking to spend per head?  How many guests?  Indoor/outdoor?
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    Lakeview Banquet in Laingsburg is wonderful and very budget friendly!!  The catering is budget friendly as well - and wonderful! www.mortonsfinecatering.com Good luck!
  • Koreyanne82Koreyanne82 member
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    Thanks for the ideas!!!  By budget I mean, we are paying for everything ourselves and we haven't had time to save since it's so short of a window.  We want nice by inexpensive.  We're trying not to go over $9,000. 
  • gailpetegailpete member
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    Congratulations and welcome to the board!

    Check the stickies at the top to find out who other brides are using.

    The only Saturday in September that MSU will be available is the 17th, due to football games.

    There is a new place in Okemos called the Atrium Event Center on Jolly rd that might be available and budget friendly.  I really don't know much about it but it would give you someplace to start.

    Good luck and check back if you need more help.  We'd love to hear about your plans.
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    We're having our reception at the Brookshire Inn in Willliamston.  I have found them to be very budget-friendly and also great to work with.
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    @emilyandtyler- ;Please delete your post because, according to theKnot's Terms of Service, vendors are not allowed to post on these boards.
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    I'm not actually a vendor, I don't actually have a business, just offering help. But I will delete it.
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