Jeffrey Mansion in Bexley

Hi girls!  I'm currently researching reception venues and just came across the Jeffrey Mansion in Bexley as a possible location.  Has anyone been there to give their opinion?  Much thanks in advance, any information or photographs would be most appreciated!

Re: Jeffrey Mansion in Bexley

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    It's a pretty space, but there are a few limitations. Based on the Bexley Parks and Recs website, alcohol and candles aren't allowed (not sure if this is a problem for you), there are 2 rooms (it appears as there's some separation between) and each seats 64 without room for a dance floor (I believe in another of your posts you said you needed room for 120- it seats 120 without a dance floor). Otherwise it's a nice historical space and has lots of places for great pictures. When we went to takes some pics there between our ceremony and reception, there was a wedding reception in progress. The guests seemed to be having a good time. 

    Not sure if you've seen this already but here is Jeffrey Mansion's rental website:http://bexley.org/recreation-parks/facility-rentals.
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