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New Jersey

trial didnt go so well--- long

sooooooo i have been so excited about my hair and make up trial at Dieci...

for my hair i wanted it down and curly i bought an amazing headband and i wanted sort of have that kardashian look.. i spoke to the stylists a few times and i was super excited! my hair is simple long cut straight across and i have side bangs..

i drive and hour an a half to get to this salon and the girl tells me she cant do what i want with my hair cut! that i have to get a new hair cut and reschedule my trial for hair and make up... do you believe this?? she continues ramble about how she needs to cut it ..so i left did not reschedule and spent three hours in the car...

if my hair cut was the first thing she commented on when she saw me why didnt she ask what kind of hair cut i have when i spoke to her on the phone??

oh yeah todays my bday and i wanted to do my hair and make up trial bc fiances taking me out tonight ! way to go dieci

Re: trial didnt go so well--- long

  • Lola MinnieLola Minnie member
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    wow.... that is pretty horrible.  I'm sure lots of knotties will have rec's for you. You definitely don't need that.  Your hair & wedding hair style sounds great, anyone should be able to do that.
    My salon was in SI so I really can't help you...
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    Not sure what area you're in, but Atelier Salon & Spa in Basking Ridge is great for hair!
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    thanks.. im getting married at naninas in the park and im really looking for the stylist to come to the hotel anyone have some recs?
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    I don't know if my stylist travels, but she's great so it wouldn't hurt to ask.  I'm using Angela from Touch of Style in Pearl River.  We are having our wedding at Florentine Gardens so it was only fifteen minutes and we're going to go to her since we need two people to get everyone done. 
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    I know the stylists at Atelier travel (they actually do hair and makeup), though the price increases drastically for both if travel is required (I only know this because I literally just picked up their price list last week when I stopped in to have my hair done):

    Services completed in the salon:
    Updo: $95+
    Trial Updo: $80
    Wedding Blowout: $75
    Bride Makeup: $100
    All others Makeup: $85
    Trial Makeup: $80

    Services completed outside the salon:
    Bridal updo: $275
    First 2 girls of WP: $175
    All others: $100
    Makeup: $150
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    Jen dallas is great and she travels to any location shes 150 for the bride
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    I'm using Jamie from Skin Bar & Paint in Little Falls and I was really happy with my trial.  She's coming to me and it's $150 for the bride (no extra travel fee).
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    Hi, my stylist Rose is great, she does travel and has a salon in west orange (close to Naninas), she is a nice person and does a great job, also she does MAC makeup

    Changers Hair Salon
    292 Main St · 

    West Orange

    (973) 325-0034

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    I'm sorry to hear about your trial i would be upset too
    Happy Birthday!
    The hair stylist I am using for my wedding travels to you and she did my hair and all my sisters hair (we all have very different hair types and cuts) for my sisters wedding and didn't have a problem with any style we picked and now she is doing it for my wedding again all different styles and never said any style would be a problem, 
    my younger sister has hair that seems similar to yours she has long thick straight cut just no bang, and I have long thin hair with a side bang
    Hope this helps
    her name is Zoraida 
    number is 732-841-1656

  • tparty10tparty10 member
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    Happy Birthday - bummer about your trial. My trial also did not go so well. I am going to go to another stylist to try again. Hang in there - better the trial was bad and not the real thing!!
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    Sorry it didn't go well but I hope you had a Happy Birthday!
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    Hi - I'm SO sorry to hear about your experience. Tha's just awful.  I'm a fellow curly girl and also a bridal makeup artist.  I work in conjunction with my personal hair stylist for bridal hair and makeup.  Let us know if you'd like to set up a trial.  Thanks and good luck!
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    That sux! Sorry your trial didn't go well, and on your birthday too! I would suggest trying another stylist. I'm not saying that the stylist a Dieci's was wrong, but the way she handled the situation was wrong. Depending on the style you pick you might need to adjust your hair (i.e. whether it's grow it long, add layers or even bangs). Look into Michelle Lo Conte, she travels and also owns the Pink Comb Salon in Nutley.

    Good luck!
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