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  • Knottie1465829792
    How do I make a community post? I've opened the forum page on both safari and google chrome and can't seem to find it...I'm usually not this tech challenged. 
    July 18
    • Knottie1465829792
      For the record I've been on for much longer than 2 days but haven't read through the community boards until today. Is it a two day wait once you've accessed the community boards?
    • vandorn85
      I'm having the exact same problem. Did this get solved for you?
  • Jackie_Jormpjomp

    I am hoping you can help me change my user name? when I created my account I didn't know that it would show my name. 
    February 3
  • harmony528
    How can I delete a post?
    April 2015
  • Knottie69750750
    how can i make a post?
    July 2015
  • harmony528
    I have been a knot member for a bit, but never came into the forum/community area. Do I have to wait 2 days to post a general question? I may just go post elsewhere for input rather than wait 2 days.
    April 2015
  • kourt324
    How can i create a post about a question I have?
    March 2015
  • mjk5415

    How can I close a post that I began ? My questions have been answered, I don't need to get 100 more respones saying the same thing as other posters.

    March 2015
  • JellyBean52513
    I'm really struggling with this new layout. The stupid grey bar at the bottom with the social media buttons completely covers up any and all "Post" buttons on the forum; I can't reply, nor post a new discussion. What can I do to get rid of this? Everytime I click "Exit Knot Beta" on the left-hand toolbar, it just takes me to my personal homepage but doesn't actually let me exit this disgusting new layout
    March 2015
    • Liatris2010
      Hey JellyBean. Sorry to hear you are having issues with the new layout. Have you tried using a different browser to post on the Knottie Tech Help board? That is probably your best bet, but I can relay your issues to the Knot Gods.