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    I am new to the "community" forum and not sure if I am doing this correctly. In a nut shell here is my situation and my dilemma. Hopefully you can't offer some advice, if not maybe you can forward to someone who might. 

    My Fiance is from Chicago and I am from MN. We met in MN and that is where we reside, for now. Because we have both been previously married I questioned how big of a wedding to have and where to have it. His family has limited budgets and we don't have the money to pay for them to attend. We decided to plan a wedding at a half way point which would have been in WI. This was fine until recently. My mom passed away and now it seems pointless to have a wedding in WI as my family and his family don't really need to get along or get to know each other. My dad is also gone and I am an only child. 

    He threw out the idea of having 2 receptions, one in MN and one in IL. But how would the ceremony work? Would the bridal party be required to make trips to both receptions? Wouldn't it cost more to host 2 receptions? 

    Together we have a total of 4 children so an elopement or destination wedding wouldn't be ideal as we want them to be with us and apart of our special day. feels like more thought than it should be. 

    Thanks in advance for your help. 

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    December 2017
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      Hi, I see you joined today. There is a two day waiting period before posting. Here is a link to the message boards if you want to check them out.
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