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    Melissa, I read your post about Celebrity Cookware and I would like to talk to you. My fiancé and I got suckered into this as well. We also had the same problems while we were cooking where they suck and our food ended up being disgusting and our vegetables tasted like the pans. I called their number, the 913 number from Kansas and also talked to 'Doug' who also had odd pauses when I talked to him. I explained my concerns with him about the cookware and how it does not work as promised. He told me that he has had this cookware for 40 years and has worked with it as long and backs up the product. As he continued to talk, he told me they were unable to take them back and that we had three options(someone calls me while I'm cooking, someone comes to my house to help me cook or I return for something else in their product list for equal or greater value and they would take my barely used pots and pans back even though that is against their policy). My fiancé and I have no idea what to do and we just had a couple questions for you and your husband about what happened after you sent your pots and pans back because we want to do that as well but, we do not want to be liable for this crappy $2000.00 set of pots and pans. This is my cell phone number (219) 677-0007 and this is my email: PLEASE email me or text me or even call me, after you get this so we don't have to talk through this site because we would love your advice and would love to know what happened after you took the initiative to return them. 

    November 10
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      Also my name is Shane Rogers, I thought my username was going to be my name not whatever that is. You can also find me on Facebook if you would prefer that method of communication.
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      Hi knottie#s, the poster you are trying to contact has not been active since 2013. I would advise you edit your name and contact info, since anyone who uses this site can view the info you posted on melbabe's wall.