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  • Re: Cooking Fail

    Once many years ago, I was making peanut brittle and made the mistake of stirring the mixture with a rubber spatula. It has to get super hot while being stirred constantly. So I'm stirring and stirring and it's finally hot enough. I pull out the spatula, only now it's just a stick, because the rest of it melted off in the extreme heat.
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  • Re: a couple questions

    It seems to me that if D wasn't interested in being your friend and/or going to your wedding any longer when you asked for her address she wouldn't have responded.  The fact that she gave it to you is a clear indication that she still wants to maintain the friendship with you, regardless of what happened with her and your other friends.  I'd invite and act as though nothing happened, because really nothing happened between you and her.  She was involved in an argument with some mutual friends, but sounds like she didn't want to put you in the middle of it.  
  • Re: Pet peeves

    My biggest pet peeve is people who try to walk into elevators before letting people already on it out.  You can't get in until the other people get out!

    And people who don't parent their children in public.  If you let your kids run around and scream at home that is one thing, but in public have some respect for other people and make sure your kids are behaving. 
  • Re: Groomsmen but no bridesmaids

    My FI is a loner by nature, so he's not having any groomsmen and I'm having two bridesmaids. We aren't worried that it will look weird. :-)
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    @4forluck mmmmmm mojitos so good.  I've never tried making them at home though
    I prefer to make them at home. I feel like when you order them out somewhere it's hit or miss if it's good.