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    1.25 carat center stone, 2.55 carats total with wedding band. 18k White Gold. 

    I love it!!!

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    Everything ended up working out!! The new hotel company wants to book more weddings than the old one had done in the past so they were willing to work with us. Menu pricing is a few dollars more expensive, but now they include all of the courses in a plated dinner in one price so I don't have to purchase all the items separately. They kept our site fees the same and were willing to book further out than 12 months! We signed last weekend :-) Venue and date confirmed!!
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    @allyballyoop and @kmomac My sister is an event planner and gave me some good advice: If you have a theme/idea, try not to get too caught up in it. You don't want to end up like one of those couples on the old version of David Tutera's My Fair Wedding, They would have all of their decorations laid out on the table and it looked ridiculous because every single piece was over the top. 

    I think at one point I am going to start doing that. If I want to buy a decoration, buy one of them and put it on the table with everything else I have so far to see if I have gone too far over the top. 

    She said you want everything to HINT at your theme and you want it to be the overall feel. Not every piece has to be so in-your-face. 
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    The venue ended up working out and we booked today, yay!!! The new company is willing to book further out than 12 months. Their menu prices are about the same, but their minimum was raised. Since we were so far over the minimum it didn't impact us and we got all the paperwork signed and deposit submitted today. 

    I'm so excited!! I can finally start working on everything else. 
  • Re: Knee Length and Floor Length Dresses... Can i have both in one dress?

    I've seen some high-lows lately come into style with a few designers. 

    I have also seen options where you can buy a skirt that you put over a bodice. Maybe you could buy two skirts and see if that works? BHLDN has some skirt and bodices/corsets. You could buy a short dress and put a long skirt over it for just the ceremony.