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  • Re: Save the Dates/Invitation Combo Sent at the Same Time?

    STDs are for guests who are from out of town and will need hotel reservations and airline tickets to attend your wedding.  It sounds like you don't need them at all.  Your family grapevine should take care of this for you.
  • Re: How does this even happen?

    There is a word in the English language that is proper to use.  It is "No."
  • Re: Cultural sensitivities?

    CMGragain said:
    Gee, maybe we run in different circles.  No one I know would have that attitude.  If they did, they would soon be frozen out of our social circles.  My friends LOVE multicultural events.  One of the reasons we love to travel is to experience other cultures.
    Do they love a mosque opening down the street? Do they love public schools closing for Diwali? Did they vote for a rabidly anti-immigrant President? Idk, maybe not your friend. But enough Americans did that Trump is our President so I still think we have a ways to go on welcoming immigrants. 
    I cannot speak for anyone but myself.  It would be presumptive of me to do this.  I personally do not know anyone who is racist, anti-immigration, or religiously prejudiced.  Mr. Trump did not win a majority of American Votes, did he?  He would not be welcome in my home.  When he visited my town, I refused to attend, and so did every one I know.

    In my last community we had three Islamic centers, and I visited two of them with interest.  So did many other members of my church and community.  Many of my neighbors were Muslims, and we enjoyed each other's company, as well as immigrant people from all over the world. 

    Ten years ago, I moved across the country to a very different community of mostly Anglo and Hispanic people.   I do not tolerate racism in my life or in my home.  Someone who openly expresses racism or cultural prejudice is not welcome.

    So what are YOU doing to combat racism and prejudice in YOUR life?  It is easy to rant on the internet.  Any troll can do that.  How about backing it up with action?

    When a visitor in my own church asked me "How do you like having a black minister who is married to a white woman?", I made quite a scene, screaming "WHAT?  He's black?  Really?"  Conversation stopped! Everyone stared at this woman in shock.  My lovely minister was standing a few feet away, and he burst into laughter, as did his dear wife.  We embraced, and when I turned around, the woman was gone, hopefully never to return.  I hope she learned something.

    This thread has gone way off topic.  Some of you need to get off your high horses and realize that this is a wonderful accepting country, and then make sure that you are working, personally, in your own life, to make it so!  There will always be ignorant fools.  Make sure that you don't do anything to encourage them.  Last year, when I was traveling in France, several people asked hesitantly if I was British.  I replied, "No, I'm American!"  Every time I was greeted with enthusiasm by Europeans of many countries.  One couple wanted to take my husband and me home for dinner, and we had trouble excusing ourselves, as we had other plans.

    God bless America.  It isn't perfect and neither are we, but I hope Americans keep working for a better future for all people from all parts of the world.  If some of you want to rant about our current politics. then go ahead.   I won't be listening.  I get enough of that from CNN.  Instead, tell me about what YOU plan to do to make this a better country - and I hope that means voting in all of our elections.
  • Re: Unique Name Change Dilemma: Mother's Maiden Name as Middle Name

    Your parents decided that you would have the name that you do.  Now you get to decide whether or not you want to change it.  Traditionally, women took their husband's last name, and this last name was passed on to  their children.  In this case, what your parents did was very traditional.
    You can choose to be traditional and change your last name to your husband's last name, or you can choose to keep you name as it is.  Completely your choice.  Your middle name has nothing to do with it.  Many people have their mother's maiden name as their middle name.  My father did.
  • Re: What to do with my engagement ring?

    OK, daughter visited a few weeks ago, and I gave her a hand full  of diamond and emerald rings that I no longer wear.  We sat down with son and had THE TALK.  He is now aware of his responsibilities, and has fixed the problem.  He does want the diamond to wear himself set in a men's ring.  Daughter will get a lot more later, after I die.  Her total will be twenty times the value of that diamond, so she is fine with it.

    Thanks, guys.  I really appreciate your advice.