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  • Re: Mothers Attire

    There are many senior ladies who haven't dressed up for an occasion in years.  I confess, I still have suits in my storage closet with huge shoulder pads!  When it  is time for us to be MOB or MOG, we get nervous.  No matter how old we are, we still have that little "Mom" on our shoulder whispering, "It makes your butt look big!", or "That is so out of style!".  We don't want to take attention away from the bride and groom, but we dread the photos!  We were pretty young brides once, too!

    What MOB and MOG need is reassurance, and maybe a girl's day shopping trip, topped off with margaritas!

    PS. I have just been invited to a huge, blowout family wedding in California.  Glad I bought that cocktail dress last  year for my cruise.  I'll probably be the only guest not wearing an important label.  Oh, well.  Get out the pearls!
  • Re: Happy Wednesday

    DH went off on a tear this morning and announced he was vacuuming the rugs today, so I better get my crap off the floor in the bedroom.
    Twenty minutes later, the vacuum cleaner broke!  Ha!
  • Re: One glass for the night

    I want to do the one glass for the night and have guests keep them as favors. My question is how does this work logistically? Does it work out with guests switching from wine to water to beer, etc...? Do you typically serve water in bottles? Do you have a station to wash out your glass?
    Bad idea, and unsanitary, too.  Nobody wants to keep your glass as a wedding favor.  Plastic cups work fine.
  • Re: Wedding Next year in Ireland

    Fire your wedding planner immediately.  She is not working in your best interest.
    If you continue with your plans for a "symbolic wedding" in Ireland, (Whatever THAT is?) you will insult every guest you invite to it.  Inviting guests to a wedding that is fake is the height of rudeness.  There will be people who will never forgive you for this.  Is that what you want people to remember about your "wedding"?
    Plan a nice local wedding and invite your guests to the real thing.

    Oh, and weddings are taken very, very seriously by the Irish government and people.  Your plans are insulting to them, too.  There is no such thing as a symbolic wedding as far as the Irish government is concerned.  This is WHY they have strict laws.
  • Re: Not sure about Wedding Dress

    Simple is GOOD!  I remember those dresses from the 1980s.  They looked like the bride was wearing a chandelier, and were not flattering.  Classic simplicity is always best IMHO.  A simple pearl necklace?

    most expensive dress say yes to the dress - Google Search EWWWWWWW!!!!!  If there a motor under that skirt?

    They are in no particular order but each have their own unique way of being completely hideous To say the least Whether tacky or just not flattering they all represent an ugly side to style                                         The last dress