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    @missjeanlouise, sounds like a great day (besides the bikram, with you on that!). I have never seen that movie!
    @Oliveoilsmom & @banana468, today was the first day where I woke up and it was cold.  I have had frost on the window the last couple of weeks but yeah, it be cold now!  I hope your day gets better, Banana!
    @Misskittydanger, ummm I hope you bought that shirt!

    So last night, after H worked for 19 hours and 45 minutes (yeah give us the overtime, fools!), and we were texting back and forth - we came to the realization that Costa Rica is just not in our cards for next year.  We got everything refunded (resort and hotel wise) we put the deposit down for, and we got the southwest credit (yay southwest!!!) for future trips. When we booked it, we didn't have the condo in mind and last weeks trip was REALLY expensive and I've been putting trips on the books here and there.  A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders by canceling.  We're going to be able to spread our time and money out for smaller trips next year and it actually works out better for us.

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    @short+sassy what's your meds called? My boss and MIL are on really good stuff. M should be on meds but hasn't been to a dr in awhile *sigh*
    Glad it works though!
    We have the same husband.  He can't be "sick" if no one can diagnose it!  H lives off of sugary drinks like soda, milk, milkshakes, and monster and only eats chips and Frito's (no sugar in them, but also not the healthiest of choices) when he's on his own.  I can't get him to eat vegetables when I'm around - but at least he gets meat and potatoes. 

    To be fair, I am avoiding the optometrist because I won't need glasses if I don't get them prescribed.....
  • Re: Heartbroken

    I've been MIA on the boards and just saw this.

    I was so sorry to hear the wedding has been postponed and that your SO isn't sure if she wants to get married again.  ((Hugs!))

    I'm glad the two of you will both be doing individual counseling and couples counseling.  I hope it helps and gives perspective.  I also wanted to repeat some of the other PPs.  Don't be afraid to leave the relationship, if you decide that is the best course.  It's always a sad situation but, people can love each other and still not be right for each other.

    My H and I were together for 13 years before we got married.  All on him for being that long.  I did come to a point, a few times, where I asked myself if it was time to leave.  Because I did envision my life including marriage, but it appeared that his time to get married was perpetually "someday".  I would ask myself the question, "If staying with him means never getting married, do I still want to stay?"  My answer was always a yes, albeit rueful.  I accepted that and resigned myself to it.  It actually gave me satisfaction.  I was choosing to stay with him, even knowing the relationship was probably not going to go where I'd hoped it would.  And that was okay.  Then my H proposed in Year 12 and we were married 6 months later.  In a coincidence with your SO, he'd been married twice before also.

    Ask yourself that question while you go through counseling and also on occasion as a gut check for yourself.  Hopefully she comes around and becomes 100% sure, despite her past.  But she might not.  People are complicated.

    This is so so so true.  Well said!
  • Re: Friday.....Friday October 13th

    Count me in as the Taco Bell crew too.  I do like to think outside the bun.  But we're away all weekend and spending money on food all weekend so alas, no go.
  • Re: Heartbroken

    so so sorry, OWK :(  Did she give you any insight  about why you're not on the right footing?  I agree with some other PP's about a temp change for now and if she's willing to do couple counseling (if you're not already going) that could really help.  We're here for you if you need to talk or vent.