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  • Re: Anyone a Bella Collina couple? Vendor help.

    Thanks for the response. I just was coming back to delete this post when I saw you posted. They pulled a ton of crap and wanted at least $30k to get married there. They wouldn't allow us to adjust our guest count closer to our date. If less came we would just loose the difference. They then require $3500 minimum for floral using their preferred vendor for just the ceremony and $1500 minimum for lighting. I could go on and on about them harassing us and stuff. I am just glad they did not run my card when we told them too. They had a 3 hour window to run the card but waited 5 days to run it and then kept trying to run it locking my bank account and the bank hand to send me a new card. They kept calling and wanted to work something out but would really do many thing to make us want to stick with them. Pull their financials since it is public information. They had 30 weddings booked for 2015 but in only two days after pulling the report all had canceled except for on in February and one later in the year. My FIs coworker was one of those cancelations since they did the same to them. I will keep your vendors in mind. Thanks! I am flying in my photographer but still need others. Heck we ran from Bella to Disney since we get way more at Disney for less. We are even debating on a 10 day European trip with 15 people, 2 photographers, and us to get married in Italy and then a Disney reception when we get home. That destination trip for 10 days with all inclusive hotel suites cost less than the site fee, service charge, taxes, and food cost for 75 people at Bella. It is a whole $6k cheaper... I don't want to put them down but I should have heeded the reviews I read before going there.
  • Re: Anyone willing to share their list of items in your budget?

    Thanks @bridesonherun! I am a wedding photographer too so I understand. I was looking at rentals but they want $5-12K a week and some hold up to 11 people. Our travel agent (his aunt) gets into town this week so I can't wait to see what she says. We would have 34 people to go if we didn't invite everyone. If everyone is invited we are looking at 175-300 people, gasp. I have my dress and figured what they guys will wear. I have been BM dress shopping and narrowed it down to 2. Found my photographer which was hard since I know so many but my cousin is a great photographer in VA so I am flying she and her hubby out. Still looking at venues since the ones we had wanted are booked.
  • Re: Bought my dress but stuck on what color shoes to look for

    I have been browsing all the sites listed here and more. I have found some that are ok but only one pair made me gasp. I just came across them. I am not a shoe person but OMG!!! Would these work? They only come in black and I would definitely wear them again. Still looking for the perfect wedge. @atlastmrsg‌ those are awesome!