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  • Re: "Processional" opinion

    7 minutes is too long. We you are talking about the processional are you talking about the entire long walk - over the creek, through the trees and up the hill? If so, I would pick a closer spot to start the processional. You can use two songs but fade on into the other as @missJeanLouise did.
  • Re: Name Change.. ID Cards.. New Address.. ummm

    Usually when you move you get a grace period to change your license address so I wouldn't worry about a couple of months. I changed states (this was years ago) immediately after we were married so I did social security first then driver's license.
  • Re: Not inviting guest that fiance wants

    @Jen4948 I agree if the groom doesn't really care, the couple shouldn't  be invited but as the parents who paid for DD's wedding we didn't sign a contract accepting responsibility for the actions of guests at a venue. The venue had insurance, we had to pay for security but we weren't liable for our guests other than damages that may have happened (none did of course). In previous threads on long this same topic posters have always said you don't assume people will be selling/passing around drugs just because they are known addicts. I don't know why all of a sudden this has changed.
  • Re: Under the Dress Help!

    Soma has a line of no show underwear called Vanishing Edge. There are numerous styles - boy shorts, briefs (regular, modern, high cut), hipster. Check them out to see what you like best.
  • Re: Afternoon tea/hors d'oeuvres/dessert reception

    The way you convey to your guests that a meal is not part of the reception is from the timing of the reception. That means if the reception doesn't go over a meal time, a meal isn't expected. As PPs have said, your menu sounds great for an afternoon reception.

     If you start you ceremony at 2pm, assuming it is over in 30 mins your reception would start at 2:30. On your invitation you would say that a reception is to follow. Are you having dancing, toasts, cake cutting and such? You don't have to, but keep in mind timing might get a little tight in a 2 and 1/2 hour time frame. If you aren't having dancing and toasts, then your time frame should work fine. This was the type of wedding I had years ago. Our ceremony was at 3pm. Receptions was hot and cold hors d'oeurves, cake, and drinks. It was over by 5:30. We had cake cutting and bouquet toss but no dancing or toasts.