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    *snip*". It annoyed my husband and I because we knew they wouldn't be covering their guests plate costs, and we were already on a SUPER TIGHT BUDGET. 

    Pray tell me how the guests are supposed to know how much you spent? It's incredibly tacky to go on about that so people know. 
    I hate the "cover your plate" mentality. Just because my friends are loaded and could spend $500/person or are dirt poor and could only host cake and punch and spend $5/person doesn't mean my gift needs to be any more or less than what can afford and what  want to give. You spent what you wanted to spend to host an event, you don't host a reception to recoup your costs unless you're petty and short sighted.
  • Re: Thank you.

    If you're already posting on all of these baby boards, WHY are you posting here? 
    Also, I don't think any of us are interested in seeing your uterus. You come here every few months with these long, drawn out posts, and yet, you've not once contributed anything to anyone else's posts.  
    Or fetus' penis.

    I'm just uncomfortable.
  • Re: No thank you...should I say something?

    Ro041 said:
    I went to a wedding the weekend before 4th of July.  We haven't gotten a thank you note in the mail.  I keep thinking about it though...
    I went to a wedding in 2014 and still haven't received a thank you card, in the mail or by phone/text/fb message/carrier pigeon. I keep thinking about it, too.
  • Re: What to do? (FMIL clothing issues)

    banana468 said:
    banana468 said:
    If you're only doing this because the church "has rules", then get a copy of the church rules and give them to her and her husband. 

    I'm calling BS on that though. I find it very hard to believe that church rules would be so strict that they would bar the Mother of the Groom from attending her son's wedding because her blouse isn't "nice enough". 
    According to the @nmvaladanzouj the church is so conservative that women are required to wear some kind of veil/head covering. 

    That said OP, you can tell your FMIL what the church requirements are and she can dress to those requirements.

    I have to say though, in so much of your posts they seem.....drama-ridden.  Why are you having a formal wedding if the MOG is going to be uncomfortable?  
    But covering your head is different than literally giving FMIL outfit choices "because pretty formal dress code".

    In any weddings I've been to at a church or temple so conservative that head covering is required, the venue always has extra in the lobby for non-member guests. They know every guest won't be familiar with their requirements or they'll forget. 
    Totally agree.    My only comment was that according to the OP her church is so conservative that it does have that head covering requirement (and yet they don't provide them for guests which is REALLY odd IMO).  You're absolutely correct that you can meet the requirements of the church and not be dressed appropriately for a black tie wedding.
    Yea, I'm really doubting OP's story. First it was "my FMIL wears capris and house slippers...ugh!" then it was "well the wedding is 'pretty formal' and she is frumpy" then it was "we're giving her outfit choices because she can't dress herself" then it was "well actually the wedding is black tie" then it was "well it's more the church's conservative requirements than ours" then it was "well they don't offer head scarves to guests so FMIL will be asked to leave." Um ok? So what is this? A frumpy FMIL concern? A black tie concern? A religious concern? Pick one!

    If this is really all about the church requiring head coverings, the church or the couple needs to provide them *for MANY guests - not just FMIL* or lots of their guests will be booted. But then it's not just about FMIL, is it?

    Cutting through the bullshit here, this sounds like OP is having a formal (calling BS on it actually being black tie) wedding and wants her FMIL to "step it up". At the maximum, OP can give FMIL the church's written requirements (in their words, not OP's).  Once she does that, she needs to focus her energy elsewhere and stop trying to micromanage her FMIL's clothing.
    Agreed. If the church doesn't provide head coverings, then the couple should. 
    I'm surprised they either don't have or require couples to provide their own. Every single Jewish wedding I've been to has a bucket of yarmulkes and lace kippahs if they require men and married women to follow the rules. And I don't know how hard and fast the rule is if OP herself doesn't have to follow it. She just seems like the kind of person who can't keep her nose out of other people's business. It's very immature and not a good look, head covering or not.
  • Re: If you like advice columns...

    These are almost all from reddit, and probably the only reason I go on reddit anymore. If you want to read these kinds of disgusting posts all the time, go to /r/relationships and sort by controversial. Also, for another [depressing] laugh, go to /r/legaladvice and sort by controversial. 

    Edit omg I commented before I finished. I remember that last one, they lived together when he ghosted her! And her "becoming obsessed" and "causing various scenes" was her freaking out because her live-in boyfriend of 3 years just disappeared one day with no explanation!