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  • Re: Politics v. Love

    FI and I are both very politically inclined - his career is dependent on it, and my family has a background in politics and it's something I find fascinating. I look at relationships like James Carville and Mary Matalin and am impressed with how they make it work!  I don't think I could be in a relationship with someone that I didn't see eye to eye with on things. 
  • Re: Karaoke!

    We're doing karaoke at our wedding! I'm the same as you - I'm just not big into dancing at weddings. Also - I no longer drink, sooooo it kind of takes the fun out of dancing at a wedding when everyone else is loaded (for me, anyway. FI will try his darndest to get me to when he's had a few). 

    Anyway, it sounds like we're in a similar situation. Our friends love karaoke, we have a fav dive bar where people who are REALLY good hang out -- no one belting out Bon Jovi or Neil Diamond, but lots of deep cuts! Our friends are really excited, too. Also, I have no problem getting up and belting out Bob Seger without booze for some reason, so it's a win-win. 

    Do whatever makes you happy! 

  • Re: sister going through marriage trouble -- how to avoid conflict?


    the implication that someone wouldn't behave in a grown matter is indeed snarky, and not something that needs to be a reminder. I mean, sure - some people may need to be reminded to act civilized, but not anyone that I know.  Sorry not sorry, it's not solid advice for most people, it just goes without saying. 
  • Re: sister going through marriage trouble -- how to avoid conflict?

    I don't see any post that was snarky, let alone "guns-blazing". 
    "Your family will need to act like adults for a night and get over it"

    is snarky. I personally don't know anyone who wouldn't behave as adults, though, so perhaps I'm misreading this. If that's the case, then I apologize - I get that some people have friends/family who would cause a scene at a wedding, I just don't know any myself. 
  • Re: sister going through marriage trouble -- how to avoid conflict?

    banana468 said:

    I think the issue right now is that due to your desire to be private (which is understandable), you're sharing so few details that it's hard to understand what worries you and what you think may happen on your wedding if the husband attends. 
    That makes sense. I get that there are plenty of brides that come to the forums with silly/overblown situations ( tbf in a dire moment I may have been one in the past.) But PP came across as guns-blazing-with-snark, and admittedly I am a little sensitive and distraught over this because I am so worried about my sister.