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  • Re: The BIG question, how to politely put Adults only

    To start off, I know it is unpopular for people to request Adult only affairs, however I have such a large family (50 plus 1st cousins all with 3 plus children under the age of 10, not even including his family or the rest of mine) and  We also prefer 18 plus weddings. 

    I will not include it on the save the date or invite. I will include who it is addressed to and how many seats are reserved on the invite.

    I am putting it on the website, and including a section for recommendations on where to find a sitter. So without further ado , does this sound ok?

    ​"While we love love love the kiddos, we respectfully request this be an adults only affair.

    If you do bring the children  please kindly  leave them at the hotel/cabin/accommodation with a sitter. or SitterCity are always great options to find a sitter for the night of the event. Additionally,  bringing a sitter with you is always an option as well. 

     There are some great child friendly activities in the area for the hours before the ceremony and reception which should tucker them out for the night. 

    We  sincerely apologise for any inconveniences or offence this may cause and hope you can still make it for a night of fun and celebration! "

    I kind of feel like "bringing a sitter with you" sounds bad

    Thanks in advance everyone! 

    Three's no polite way to say the bolded.

    Instead, I would add a line or two about where to find a sitter in the area, and nothing else (though really, most parents who are comfortable leaving kids with sitters would probably know this).

    Leave it implied that children are not invited. Certainly don't add that there are kid friendly things nearby, because that's a mixed message. 
  • Re: The robes in action

    Fwiw, I have to get a new one after having my daughter, and I'm not getting a diva cup. I'm going to get the lunette. A friend recommended it. I like that the "stem" on the lunette is flat rather than round and hollow like the diva cup. Much easier to clean, I imagine. I think the colors on the lunette will keep it from changing colors too. The diva cup is only in clear. 
    Thanks for this! I'm going to replace my diva cup soon, and I'll look into this, if only for the colors.
  • Re: Gifts shipped not brought??

    banana468 said:
    While waiting for one of my floral appointments I overheard a bride talking with the florists about how guests bringing gifts to the wedding is considered rude and gifts are supposed to be shipped to the address on the couples registry. 
    Anyone heard of this??? 
    Pretty sure if people choose to buy me gifts I'm not going to consider it rude because it was sent/brought to the wrong location!  
    This is one of those things that is tricky.

    Yes, it's technically rude to bring a gift to the reception.  The issue is that it can create a burden on ther couple who need to transport them.  

    BUT, that still means that when receiving a gift you say thank you and show the giver you're happy to receive it.  

    The issue is that transportation of the gifts can be an issue but FWIW, all weddings I've attended including my own had a gift table.  Most wedding day gifts though were in envelopes.  
    I don't think it's tricky at all.

    It's better to send gifts to the couple's home if you're getting it delivered somewhere anyway, but it's not rude to bring it to the reception - just like it's not necessary to shop online for a wedding gift! If it's considered technically rude, how should people who buy expensive liquor or wine, fine art, etc. for couples go about getting them to them? 
  • Re: Waiting on Thank You notes

    How rude! We also had about 130ish people in early April and our thank you's were out within about two weeks of the wedding.

    We went to a wedding about a month & a half ago, but I just gave the bride her gift two weeks ago (because I kept forgetting). She kept telling me she had already written the thank you, because I guess Amazon notifies you when something is bought off your registry. I keep jokingly saying nope I haven't gotten a card yet, so that's probably never coming.
    Wait, what? Was she mentioning your gift before she got it? Or does she think Amazon does the thank you note writing for her?

    For the first thing, that's such a pet peeve of mine. Even if you know what I got you (general) as a gift, talking about it as though it's already yours is so obnoxious. 
  • Re: Waiting on Thank You notes

    UGH. We had a 130-person wedding in late April and all of our thank you cards were done and out by the end of May. And if you're going to make the (rude) choice to wait, at least have the courtesy to text people and let them know their gifts made it there safely.