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  • Re: Future MIL is a registry kind of woman...

    Wedding websites do not have to have registries.

    If you don't feel like registering for gifts, I'd just tell your FMIL, "We considered it and realized that we didn't need or want one." And if she makes a fuss, I'd tell her, "Thanks for sharing your opinion about it with us. Ours hasn't changed, but as soon as it does, we'll let you know. In the meantime, while we're sorry to disappoint you, we aren't registering for gifts, so we'd prefer to treat the subject as closed."
  • Re: The BIG question, how to politely put Adults only

    Unfortunately, the only polite way to not invite the kids is to leave their names off the invitation envelopes. If someone asks you about sitters, you can provide that information, but only if they ask first.
  • Re: Can Sheet Cake Help Cut Time and Costs of Traditional Cake?

    Serving cut sheet cakes to the guests is fine, as long as the quality is the same or better than the cake you cut.

    I'd just tell the caterers when you would like to have dinner served and do the cake cutting, and let them work around that.
  • Re: Photo display...yay or nay?

    Don't have a table of photos of only deceased loved ones. Either mix them in with photos of living loved ones or omit them altogether and remember your deceased loved ones by more subtle means, such as providing food, drinks, decorations or entertainment they would have enjoyed, wearing or carrying something associated with them, giving them tributes in a wedding program, or saying appropriate prayers if your ceremony is religious.

    But a display table of photos dedicated to deceased persons could evoke grief and loss at what should be a happy occasion.
  • Re: Engaged but no not really?

    We have been together for many years and my SO considers us engaged. He wants me to start planning the wedding. We are planning on eloping/honeymoon then having a very small celebration when we return. I don't feel engaged. I want a loving proposal and a ring. No ifs ands or buts. We are looking at rings. He just seems very blah about everything. He wants me to take care of everything which people have told me is normal. It's just that I don't want to start planning a wedding without a proposal. Is saying u want to get hitched a proposal? I haven't announced it or even told anyone because it doesn't feel like I'm engaged. I want to take engagement photos. I want all of that. I'm still gf status. Am I being ridiculous? If he doesn't end up doing a genuine proposal I'm going to be really disappointed 
    Truth is, if you both consider yourselves as getting married at some future point, you are engaged, whether or not you feel it and whether or not he "proposed."

    I think at this point I would talk to your SO about it and tell him that you aren't happy with his approach: "SO, I know you would like me to take care of all the plans, but this approach that you're taking is leaving me feeling taken for granted by all these expectations rather than loved and cherished. I'd appreciate it if you could show me more clearly that you're taking my needs and feelings into consideration. Leaving me to make all the plans isn't doing that for me."

    Consider getting couples' counseling before you proceed any further with wedding plans so you can be on the same page when you make them.