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  • Re: Would you ever not go to a wedding out of principle?

    Ok, thank you everyone. I will talk to him tonight and tell him I would rather stay home with DD while he goes to the wedding because of the long drive.
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    Thank you so much! It was simple and sweet :)
  • Re: Ex wife wanting to come to wedding

    We are. The trial date is a few months out. Gotta tell you though, when you live in the south the mother has to be an immediate physical threat (ie drugs or physical abuse) in order to gain full custody. Essentially, fathers rights are slim unless the mom is a meth addict or straight up doesn't want the kid-which isn't the case in our situation
  • Officially married (my budget wedding story)

    We spent: 9.99 on plates 3.99 cups 3 tablecloths for 30$ 6$ on napkins 4.99 forks/knives/spoons 29.99 on invite/thank you card kit at Target White Dress- 34.99 on sale, had been marked at 94$ from Macy's. Cake- 130$ Unsweetened iced tea- 8.99 Water- 3.99 Fruit tray- 7.99 Cheese, meat and cracker tray- 9.99 Another Cheese, meat and cracker tray- 9.99 Chaplain-free because we are military Venue- free because we are military. Daughter and stepdaughters outfits from Macy's- 87.65$ Finances outfit-did not pay anything, wore his military dress blues Photographer-free, old college roommate who majored in photography did it as a wedding present. Punch- free (to me). My Parents made their famous punch and brought antique family punch bowl, as well as ice. Flowers: white hydrangea bouquet, 32$. I curled my hair before the wedding myself. I did my own makeup. Marriage certificate- 50$ Total budgeted: 435$ Total spent: 460$ My advice to anyone who wants a budget wedding- if you belong to an organization, ask around. There are probably free/cheap venues available. We had a short afternoon ceremony and cake/punch/finger food reception which worked REALLY well for us.
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    I'm thinking of designating future SIL and MIL as the polite "bouncers" in case she shows.