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  • Re: Not Inviting a Relative's Spouse

    Mehhh...I'll be the odd one out. I agree with OP. Why on earth would you want someone who has insulted your fiancé and his family at your wedding? Life is too short to deal with horrid people. 

    Dont invite the business partner or his wife. Problem solved. If his business partner has a problem with it, then your fiancé can have a frank talk about why, and say he didn't feel right inviting just BP without wife. BP can then state he would like to come anyways (sans wife) if he so chooses. BP's the one with the crazy wife. Everyone says "you don't know their marriage" but I'll bet you a dollar that BP has been passed up on social events before because of his wife (and he knows it). 
  • Re: *UPDATE* FMIL Vent #743: How to decline shower from BSC FMIL

    This woman will never change. Frankly, she sounds enmeshed with your fiancé. This is actually common in divorced women with sons- they elevate their sons role in the relationship and use him as an emotional partner, since they no longer have a husband. They have a difficult time with boundaries because they are so used to no boundaries with their children after the divorce. 

    My husbands ex wife is very much like your MIL, and even though stepdaughter is ten, it puts an unbearable strain on her. Your MIL will not change unless she goes to therapy, which she will not seek because she probably does not believe she is wrong. Her family will continue to enable her behavior. 

    Im so sorry you have to deal with this. *Hugs*
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  • Re: Salon forgetting to charge for service

    I'll be the odd one out and say this:

    Her miscalculations are on her. I wouldn't pay her. It's a WEEK later? Yeah, no. This can be her "lesson learned" to pay more attention next time. If you got an item you thought was on sale and then a week later the cashier called and said it wasn't, it was just a mistake, would you pay the full price? I wouldn't.

    I don't think You are legally obligated to pay now. You paid what you thought was the right amount at the time of services rendered. Morally? Ehhhhh...Do you frequent there?

  • Re: Tacky wedding

    I don't get why they'd have a semi outdoor venue w/o AC  That's brutal.

    It stinks that you were stuck in a small room, but you could've found accommodations  on your own, so you would have a choice in the matter.   Who cares that you heard them having sex?
    True. We should have opted out and got the hotel an hour away the second we saw the room. Lesson learned.

    Oh please. It woke me up at 1am so I can snark on the fact I heard them. They can have sex all they want but when it comes with loud moaning that's something that could have been toned down a notch.
  • Re: Would you ever not go to a wedding out of principle?

    aurianna said:
    Send your husband.
    You can't find a sitter so you have to stay home with the baby.

    This is what I am leaning towards, lol. Trying "very hard" to find a sitter and telling DH a few days before RSVP time I couldnt find anyone, but he should go and enjoy himself. And he can buy them a gift or just give them cash. I just want validation from other people that I'm not being wrong in getting out of this. I think it's the Fact it's PPD that makes me just think, "it's not a real wedding then. I don't want to drive all that way with our daughter for a party where people are just going to get shit faced."