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  • Re: I need help choosing linens

    Thank you all! I really don't know why I'm worrying so much, probably because I was expecting to use chivari chairs so I was kind of thrown off by this. I'm getting the covers for next to nothing because the venue can't accommodate chivari's and they are getting them for us. We already have the most upgraded package for food and beverages they offer or that would be a good idea lol. Maybe I will just stick with the ivory covers without the tail and use the gold overlay in my first photo for the guest tables and matte sequins for the head and cake tables. That was my original plan (except with mahogany chivari's) 
  • Re: Baseball?

    I love all of these ideas! Thank you so much :) We actually do plan on having Paws at our reception! We are still trying to work out details though. I planned on using some kind of pedestal candle holder to hold the baseballs up so that they can be seen easily. 
  • Baseball?

    My FH is a huge Detroit Tigers fan! We aren't having a baseball themed wedding, in fact we don't have a 'theme' at all. Would it look odd to use baseballs with the Tigers logo on them for table numbers (write the number on the ball)? I'm trying to incorporate baseball but in a subtle way, I thought maybe name the tables after different stadiums but FH didn't love that idea because he's more of a Tigers fan than an every team fan. What do you think? Would the baseballs look odd or out of place or be a cool way to incorporate our favorite team? TIA for your help :) 
  • Re: I'd better be invited!

    My FH's brother recently posted something about our wedding on facebook and tagged us, we got a couple of comments like this and just completely ignored them. They were FH's friends so he just untagged himself. 
  • Re: Honorary Bridesmaid

    The idea of giving her a corsage could be nice but no one will notice uneven sides. I went to 3 weddings last summer and I have no idea if the sides were even or not.