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  • Re: keeping baby breath fresh

    its only 2 days early. I would rather them be there thursday then worrying all day on friday if they are going to make it in time. plus we are planning to have everything decorated and in the rights spots thursday and friday (flowers in the correct areas, they will be set out saturday on the tables. 
  • Re: Maid Of Honor will not be at my wedding

    ok thanks everyone! I'm free to hear more ideas as well! We should be able to FaceTime/skype with her depending on her schedule. 
  • Re: Inviting Bosses and Co-Workers

    I did not give any of them (including my bosses) save the dates, we went to place our wedding invite order this weekend and then I got thinking on the people we might have forgot, and at the same time a co-worker just sent me an address request for her wedding next year. 

    Could I just do a business wide invite? I know its un-proper but I was just curious if anyone has done this before (a previous co-worker did that right when I got hired on and they hung the invite in the break area-and that is what made me think of it). 
  • Re: Narrowing down the list? Plus MOH problem!

    He does not have very many friends-he has always kept to himself and I am a social butterfly to say haha, he didn't want to have a wedding party to begin with.. 

    Thank you @snowywinter for being one of the few people here to be kind with their words. This post has made me realize how blunt and rude some people are on here, and how they cannot drop something. I was just looking to see if someone had ever been in the same situation-I was not looking to be attached by 30+ posts on my first forum.