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  • Re: Fitted sheets to cover hay bales?

    Have you tried quilts or thick blankets instead of sheets? They'd be thicker and a little more comfortable than a sheet :)

  • Re: Backyard ceremony and BBQ after.

    You might want to consider hiring a food truck, they're popular which means lots of options, especially for BBQ! We're hiring out a taco truck for two hours to feed 50 people for $700. It's a great option because 1. we're also having a backyard wedding, 2. We wouldn't have to worry about setting up/cleaning up and 3. there's lots of food options for a block price :) Plus many food trucks have their own drinks/plates/silverware, so you wouldn't need to worry about it!
  • Re: Divorced parents and my small wedding.

    I am having a similar problem. My parents have been separated since I was 10, and both have new partners and children. My dad is furious with me, and isn't speaking to me, because I'm having an intimate wedding at my mother's house. He wanted me to have a larger wedding at a
    neutral venue so that my stepmother wouldn't have to be around my mother. It's ridiculous. A lot of people on here keep saying that it's just one day and that adults can be civil, but that's not always the case. It is something I'm very worried about, especially after talking to my father about it. His response? "I know some people (stepmother) will be upset about this arrangement and it will bring everyone's mood down." So don't bring her! It's sad when parents act like children. Best of luck with your situation!

  • Re: Bridesmaid line-up

    Thank you all for your advice! I really appreciate it :)

    I don't think I could choose who I'm closer to, I'm very close with all of my BMs, and since I didn't pick a MOH that might be awkward.

    I'm 5'7", one BM is 5'8", and the other two BMs are both around 5'2". I'll probably sort them according to time that I've known them, which is since middle school, since high school, and since college (which will put it me, 5'2", 5'2" and 5'8"). I don't think height will be an issue with them though, as the shorter girls will most likely will wear heels and I'm wearing flats.

    I'm not sure how my FI will line up his GMs, but I'll suggest the time-frame idea to him. He's 5'6" and I think his GMs are all around 6', so there will be interesting height differences across the board lol.

    For the purposes of the program, lining up based on time will be easiest, since I don't know exact heights.

  • Re: Wedding at family's home

    Thank you all for your advice!
    We're going to have about 35-40 guests with two bathrooms in the house. The etiquette websites I looked up say you need one bathroom per 20-25 guests, so I think two bathrooms will be fine? And none of my guests will need a wheelchair accessible bathroom, but one of the bathrooms would work for that case. 
    Our neighborhood has a community pool with lots of parking, so we'll be able to park everyone's cars there. 
    If it rains, we'll have the ceremony in the sun room.