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  • Re: Any advice for having a plus sized bridesmaid?

    If she wants to wear a dress, I'd suggest that the two of you go dress shopping together, or give her a color and have her pick something out she likes and make that the dress for the rest of the girls. I was in a bridal party in which we all wore skin-tight short dresses. I was what I'd consider "skinny" back then, and some of the other girls were about my size now. We looked like a bunch of hookers squeezing into gowns 2 sizes too small. The bride certainly didn't think of anyone's body type...ugh it was horrible.
  • Re: Sabre arch

    Yes 4 people can perform the sabre ceremony. Yes anyone that has received an HONORABLE discharge rates to wear their uniform. It doesn't matter if they EASed after their first enlistment, or retired, they rate the uniform if, and only if, they received an HONORABLE discharge (absolutely NO dishonorable or other than honorable discharges).  If you are having the ceremony on or near a military installation, one of the base Chaplains usually has sabres for ceremonies. They usually allow you to borrow them. If you are NOT having your ceremony near a military installation, and not everyone has a sabre, you can contact your local VFW, American Legion, and Reserve units that are near the ceremony site. They may have some to borrow. They may even have people who might be interested in performing the ceremony! I know when we discussed the sabre ceremony, several men from the local VFW were interested (which we may still do, not sure). How cool is that to have Korean and Vietnam vets celebrating your big day?! At least we thought it would be awesome.
  • Re: Help writing ceremony!

    Thanks so much! This helps out alot!!!
    Our ceremony wouldn't be much help because it's more like a script for a play (we're both theatrical and it's a Halloween wedding) but we did find a basic template, cannot remember where now, that we followed when writing our script.  Ours isn't self-uniting but a friend is officiating most of it with the ordained official just stepping in at the end.  Our goes:

    Welcome / Introduction
    Call & Response (not religious by any means, from Monty Python!)
    Unity Candle
    Hand Fasting (Vows)
    Ring Exchange

    I hope that at least helps get you started on a format!

  • Re: Different wording for "it's ok not to come"!

    Yep. None of them said it to me--or even mailed back the RSVP. Dad informed that person that we specifically didn't want ANY physical gift or money, just wanted to be around friends and family. Grandma said the same thing. Oh well! Quite frankly, after their comments, I'd prefer that they do NOT show up.
  • Re: My boyfriend's tattoos

    This is the 21st Century. Tattoos aren't going to stop him from getting a job unless they're on his face. If he gets jail-house tats on his face, he won't be working anything other than rough neck jobs. He may not be a criminal, but he'll be perceived as one depending on what the facial tattoos are.

    Mine has tattoos of his fucking "daughter"....turns out she's NOT his kid--which she knew years ago and informed us recently that she "pretended for more money" I am DYING for him to cover up that shit!