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    hellohkb said:

    Ok, so it seems pretty clear everyone hates the honeymoon fund jar. I wasn't going to do that, but I did see something for guests deciding who gets the cake in the face ( I realllllllllly DON'T want to do this, but it's the only thing my fiance has insisted on even before we were engaged) by putting coins or bills in a jar labeled "bride" and "groom". I figured it would guarantee I wouldn't get the cake since his buddies would love the opportunity to "embarrass" him. Thoughts? Still too close to this honeymoon fund idea and therefore tacky?

    In my opinion, I'd say yes. While in theory, it's cute,it's still asking guests for money.  Maybe if you used poker chips or something like that.  Just a thought.

    I agree, tacky. I'm not a fan of smearing cake in anyones face but if you're going to do it using poker chips is far better. 

    I"m not a fan of cake in the face either. If I wound up with cake on my dress, I would be seriously pissed.

    The last wedding I went to she got him in the face with cake. The wedding was at hist parent's house and the cake was all over the patio so people were stepping in it and dragging it everywhere. I spent a good 20min of the reception cleaning up cake off the patio so the MOG didn't have to do it and you could tell that he was trying not to get pissed when he walked in to clean off. I don't care who gets it in the face, I think it's tacky.

    I completely agree - cake smash is trashy and, to me, it says a lot about what kind of person the bride or groom is. I've only seen it happen once and that was definitely the case.
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    Thanks everyone! When I first got engaged there was a conversation between aunt and cousin and my mom that they would be invited, so it's really not completely out of the blue. Relationship with aunt has since changed (or I should say it has reverted back to its normal dysfunctional state), thus I was unclear how to proceed with cousin. I sent out invites and did not include her and plan to send the baby gift instead.