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  • Re: Engaged but no not really?

    You need couples counseling.
  • Re: Naming Kids After Dead People?

    CMGragain said:
    In Jewish families, babies are always named after honored deceased relatives.  It is bad luck to name a child after someone who is living, so no "Juniors" in Jewish families.
    Not all.  Many, but not all.  Neither my sister nor I are named after dead relatives.  I'm named after a character in a book, actually.
  • Re: How to ask MoH to step down :(

    @LondonLisa I'm trying not to be selfish, but I am pretty sure she already wants to end the friendship but is not saying so. She may be having a crisis and if that's the case I truly feel for her. But if she's not going to talk to me about it am I supposed to keep badgering her until she does? In the meantime my wedding is next month, and if she's not going to talk to me I need to take over the wedding tasks she was working on. I wish I could just pause time and work this out properly.
    If she was a close enough friend to be your MOH?  Yes.
  • Re: Just need a place to vent

    Your FSIL is weird.
    You did a good job.
    And I think popcorn would go well with a nice, buttery chardonnay.
  • Re: Fired MOH

    She just said she is over everything going on in her life.  

    To be honest I don't know. I just told her that we couldn't meet up for dinner one night before I left for vacation and she was cold about it, then i received that message.
    Those two things make me wonder if maybe she's got a lot going on, was hoping that she could have dinner with you to vent/talk about it/relax/focus on something fun... and you weren't there for her because you were focused on heading to vacation.  If that's a recurring theme in your relationship, it would easily lead to her reaction.