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  • Re: Henna Party

    I'm assuming people here have done a henna party. My questions are: how was it set up? What did you do? Was it formal/informal? Was there a certain "program" you followed? Thanks!
    Are you south Asian or marrying someone of South Asian heritage? Every time I’ve been to a Mendhi party, it was coordinated by the mum/aunties of the B or G. 
  • Re: Wedding Cancelled on Facebook...but not in real life. How to announce that wedding is still on

    Please continue to postpone the wedding until you are both in a better place.

    One doesn’t cancel a wedding in haste. 

    Get off off social media as a place to air grievances. 

    Contine with conselling. 

    Think about getting engaged again in 6 months time at least. 

    If either you or your partner’s first reaction is to bail, you aren’t ready for marriage. 
  • Re: (Not close) sister refuses to wear a dress...?

    If you are so young that your mum can tell you to have a wedding and tell you who your bridesmaids are, you are too young to get married. 

    You don't have a sister issue, you have 'spineless to mummy' issue. You need to start creating healthy boundaries with your mother. She does this because you let her. No is not a naughty word. 

    I would call your sister and say "look, there has been a lot of miscommunication about the wedding coming from mum. The last thing I want to do is make you feel uncomfortable. If you would like to have a role, I would be more than happy to arrange that and it would be great to have you involved. If you would prefer to just be a guest, then that is absolutely fine. Regardless, in any of these situations, I want you to wear whatever you want to and feel confident in. The most important thing is that you are comfortable and enjoy the day. Let's try to speak directly about wedding things, because something is getting seriously lost in translation with mum.'
  • Re: Heartbroken

    I am so, so sorry you are going through this. I am sure this has completely upended everything in your life right now. 

    Is there any chance you can get away for a bit? Even if you go to stay with a friend?

    I think you need some quiet contemplation time to process this, away from everyone and distractions. 

    Sending massive hugs. 
  • Re: God laughs when you make plans.

    It is perfectly fair to have complicated feelings about this. You recognise it could have been 100% worse, but it also could have been so much more what you wanted. All I can say is take a break from thinking about this for a while. Focus on another project. You are married, you looked fantastic, your family was there!

    I know it doesn't seem like it, but the old adage is true: comedy = tragedy + time. You two WILL laugh about this in the future. I promise.

    Who knows, you can always throw an amazing anniversary party in an industrial space in 10 years. Your wedding isn't the only party you will ever throw.  You can also get some great portraits of you two done in an industrial space if you want more photos.