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  • Re: How many cocktail napkins

    You should probably estimate about 3-4 napkins per person but since you are going so late into the night you may want to estimate a tad higher.  Are you going to get them personalized?  If you are I would do half in one color plain and then the other half in another color with your personalization...this way if you have a lot left over you can use them at another time (the plain napkins I mean)
  • Re: I'm not a florist…can I arrange my own baby's breath??

    graciegra said:
    Putting together baby's breath will be fairly fast. I'd worry having the flowers delivered Tuesday. Personally I'd do Thursday and put together the centerpieces/ aisle arrangements that day and the bouquets/boutonnieres either Friday or even day of (just for the boutonnieres.) Even pushing back to Wednesday would be better. 
    **Former floral designer here**

    Trust me when I say that getting the flowers in on Tuesday will be fine.  You need to cut them in and allow them to hydrate before working with them.  This will give the buds time to slightly open. When you order these flowers from wholesalers these flowers have been out of water for a while. They are packed in bunches and put in boxes and placed in a cooler.  So these flowers are dying for water so it is best to allow them to drink the water up in a bucket (where there is tons of water) rather then in a small vase or floral foam where water will disappear rather quickly.  So giving them a full day to re-hydrate is always best.  Also, baby's breath lasts quite a long time.
  • Re: I'm not a florist…can I arrange my own baby's breath??

    It is completely doable to arrange your flowers yourself.  Baby's breath is very forgiving and is easily bunched together to make bouquets and centerpieces and such.

    Baby's breath is also pretty durable so it is something that you can put together a few days prior (I would say at the most 3 for centerpieces but do your personal flowers the day before) and leave in water.

    I would have the baby's breath delivered on Tuesday.  Then you will need to process it (separate the stems a bit, cut the stems and place in water to hydrate.  I don't really think that refrigeration will be necessary, just keep them in a cool and dark area of your home.

    If Costco (or whoever you use) carries million star gypsophila then that would be best.  It has less of a fragrance then other baby's breath and it isn't as weedy looking but rather has pretty tight clumps of buds.

    As for how much you will need you should probably go to the food store and buy a few bunches and see how many stems you will need for each centerpiece, bouquets, and the buckets.  A bunch is typically 10 stems.  So once you figure out an estimate order that plus about 5-10% more so that if you want to fill any vases out some more you can and if you think of anywhere else you would like some sprigs you have it to use.

    If you decide to use a florist the cost will depend on where you live and which florist you use.

    Some things to think about...
    Do you have space to arrange and store all of it?
    How are you planning on getting the flowers to the venue?
    Who is going to set everything up?
  • Re: New trends in wedding dresses? Ooh, nooooooo!

    I love this Carolina Herrera gown and would totally consider it if I were small chested, had a billion dollars, and weren't already married. None of which are an issue. But still, it's preeeeeeeety:

    This is the one I was talking about! It is a gorgeous dress with a classic shape. And if someone doesn't want the plunge to be that low a pretty piece of lace could easily fill the gap. But really, talk about a modern twist to a very classic and traditional dress.
  • Re: Being a good host - notifying guest it will be held outdoors

    I would love to notify guests that our wedding will be outside and with that we will have to go with the flow. We plan on having a tent, but the ceremony area will be untented, so we will have to have a plan B should the weather not cooperate.
    The event will not be casual, but we want to remind the girls that they will be on grass the whole night, so may want to pick their shoes wisely.

    I have seen poems that state the above in cute ways - of course Im not able to find them now.

    Any suggestions???

    I'm assuming that you will notify people on the invites where your ceremony will be held. Most people will be able to infer that it is outdoors. 

    That being said, you will still have chairs for everyone? Right? Because your OP is not very clear. Also, if your reception is tented, why are you not getting a floor? Every outdoor reception that I have attended has had a floor in the tent. 

    Cutesy poems are for children not adults, do not do this.
    I have been to some receptions where the only floor in the tent was the dance floor.  It was only an issue when I didn't know about it and I was in heels.  But when I knew about it I wore the appropriate footwear.

    OP I would definitely spread the fact that the majority of your wedding will be on grass.  And as long as you have the appropriate back up plan in case of inclement whether and the ability to cool down or warm up the tent then you should be fine.