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  • Re: Fa-la-la-la-laa La-la-la-la!

    lyndausvi said:
    You are so good.

    I'm mostly done.  Need to ship out my dad's gift and order a GC to be shipped to them directly for my parents at one of their favorite restaurants.

    DH annual Victoria's Secret package arrived today.   It's a pretty big bag, wonder what other than the 5 pairs of underwear he gives me every year is in there?  :tongue:     Oh and bag from a sports gear place arrived last week.  I guess I'm getting Eagles gear.

    Mind you, he can ship everything to his work.  But no, he ships them all here and I'm always the first one home.  Generally not a lot of surprises on xmas day for me.
    Sounds intriguing. Post a picture :blush:
  • Re: Fa-la-la-la-laa La-la-la-la!

    We went on a Caribbean cruise over Thanksgiving - the 90 degree weather and no TG dinner prevented me from catching the Christmas spirit this year. Tomorrow is all day cleaning so I can focus on the food the rest of the week. 

    My husband loves wrapping gifts. His eyes twinkled when he saw all the wrapping supplies. He's going to take care of that tomorrow.
  • Fa-la-la-la-laa La-la-la-la!

    I just finished my Christmas shopping! 
    I even have the boxes, gift wrap, tape and name tags. 

  • Re: Telling people what is served

    lyndausvi said:
    We serve alcoholic beverages at every gathering. The age of the guest of honor is irrelevant. When we were kids, our Dads and Grandfather actually sent us to fetch beers for them, on the way back, we often took a swig. It was our reward as long as we didn't mention it to Grandmother :) 
    Me too!

    I learned how to pour from a keg at about 6 years old.    My older cousins who were still under 18 (which was the drinking age back then) would ask me to get them a beer.  Of course I did, b/c what did I know?     (I'm talking about the 16-17 year olds, not the 10-12 year olds.)  Ha.    

    My family is so huge that there was never enough chairs around the table.  So the joke was "move your feet, loose your seat".    So they would send us kids to get their drinks.     I actually have fond memories of those days.

    My first taste of beer was @ 6 months sitting on my grandma's lap.   Apparently I was teething and liked grandma's frosty pewter beer mug with a glass bottom.   :)

    It's clear my normal was different than a lot of people on here.    Except @banana468 , I swear we are related somehow.  
    Those pouring skills came in handy, didn't they.

    My mom,  a tea totaler,  rubbed whiskey on our gums when we were teething or colicky, dropped whiskey in our ears for earaches. We were allowed to drink the champagne toasts at weddings.  I was the oldest kid, so I got to drink my youngest cousin's champagne so he wouldn't get sick. Had to look out for the little guy. It wasn't just our family, but the family friends all had kids within a five year range - all had the same culture. No one made a big deal about booze - except when a southern friend visited  and brought 'white lightning.' The kids weren't allowed near that stuff.

    The adults liked to play poker and black jack. The parents would give us a handful of change and let us play a few rounds with the adults before we were sent off with our winnings and a deck of cards.  Now this is pretty bad, but, the men would occasionally smoke cigars and any child game enough to take a drag off a cigar was allowed. One puff would cause coughing and tearing and lots of laughter. No kid ever wanted a second drag. We all survived and still love each other and still have a blast on the rare occasions when we are together. It's sounds strange to some, I'm sure, but it was a wonderful childhood.

  • Re: Plus-size Bridesmaid Dress Issues

    Has your bm paid for her dress or has she ordered and put down a deposit? 

    Did you discuss dress budget with each of your bm, privately, before you settled on the designer?

    You could give each bm the option of buying a BL or DB dress. Your bm who ordered the BL dress should be offered the same option. If she decides to go with DB, cancel her BL dress. If her deposit is non-refundable, you can put that amount toward her DB dress so she isn't out any money. 

    Google  'bridesmaids in shades of purple.'