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  • Re: where to buy affordable & amazing bridesmaid dresses?

    MobKaz said:

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    David's Bridal online and in-store clearance (they often go as low as $39 for some amazing dresses!).  JC Penny.  Macy's.  Nordstrom's.  Sears.  Amazon.  The nice thing about places with a domestic store-front is that you can return them to the store if they aren't a proper fit within a small window.  If you want your bridesmaids to look amazing, give them the parameters (color, length), if you want to contribute give them the amount you're comfortable spending, and let them decide for themselves based on their own body and what looks beautiful on them.  Or, go shopping with your BM individually to choose something they feel and look beautiful wearing within your budget.  

    The most affordable dresses are dresses that can be worn again.  OP, I would encourage you to select a color and length and allow your BM's to make their own selection.  DD asked her BM's to select a knee length, short dress.  4 of the girls found something at David's Bridal, all in the same fabric.  One BM found a black dress in a different fabric from a department store.  It was NO big deal that one dress was a different material, and had a fairly different look from the rest.  To my knowledge, 3 of the girls have worn their dresses beyond that wedding day.  The BM that purchased hers outside of DB has worn it multiple times.
    The most affordable dresses are dresses that can be worn again. 

    This! And even if a person chooses the cut of their dress themselves, the vast majority of the time a bridesmaids dress looks like a bridesmaids dress...and therefore is unlikely to be worn again. A dress that is simply a nice cocktail dress (or gown, or whatever) will likely be worn way, way, way, way, way more than a bridesmaids' dress.  
  • Re: BM dresses?

    That's a beautiful dress for women with very little up top--I'd be concerned I'd look like a porn start with how much my tatas would be showing, especially because it's so low a traditional bra wouldn't be possible. 

    I hope they're returnable? I'd drop them off for each girl and say "let me know if there are any issues!" or something like that at least. What's your plan if 2 girls love it and one is like "No amount of alterations will ever make this look halfway decent"?
  • Re: Advice Please!!! Slit skirt for gown - Yes or No?

    I guess it depends on what you mean by not draping properly in photos. Do you mean you want your leg not to show in photos? That would depend on how it's sewn. That particular skirt in the photo I think would hide your leg pretty well. You can see at the waist that the two sides overlap. Other slots, particularly ones that are just a slit cut up a piece of fabric and hemmed, wouldn't as well. 
    I figured she meant the opposite--that she'd want her leg to show (to show there's a slit) in photos. That's going to be tough without posing with one leg out a la Angelina Jolie (see pic) which you would likely come to regret. You can hire a photographer who's good at action shots, though, and make sure you get some of you walking and moving where you can see the slit. 

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  • Re: Question: picking up a bridesmaids dress--do I need to try on?

    OMG. I don't know whether this is just me being nervous about my wedding or anyone feels the same. The bride is your friend, isn't it? Surely our girls should order dress together and party it on. If it does not fit, as a bride-to-be myself, I will be glad to do alterations with my friends. This is why I prefer online shopping, with less price offered, I can have more budget on doing alterations. If a retailer is selling it at really high price without customizing, I don't know why should I buy it.
    The bride went dress shopping with other her other 2 bridesmaids and picked the dress; they ordered them then. I went back with her another day to see the dress, get measured, and order it. I tried on the sample (in the wrong size, wrong color) the day I was there with her. 

    Alterations is really a solo activity. Now that I have the dress, I'll find my own seamstress and have it altered to fit correctly prior to the wedding. 

    The dress was not priced higher than any other dress in my closet; I don't expect the rest of my clothes to be customized by the retailer and don't expect a dress, even a bridesmaids dress, to be customized by the retailer either. 
  • Re: Reception only

    banana468 said:
    Look, your situation is what it is. You're married. You want to host a party. So do that. But don't pretend it's something it's not. 

    What you are planning is a marriage celebration or an anniversary party. You will not have just come from your wedding ceremony - you will have come from the home you share with your husband of a year. 

    Just treat it like the big party it is. Get a fun party dress, hire a caterer and a DJ/band, and get a fabulous cake. 

    If you want to honor certain friends, seat them at a special table near yours and give them corsages, but they won't have any other role (or certain clothes to wear). I wouldn't personally wouldn't side eye cutting a cake, but I'd also frame it as you're cutting the cake to celebrate 1 successful year as newlyweds - not as a brand new husband and wife (you aren't). Don't re-enact a ceremony, whatever you do. That is just odd.

    Have a party - have a GREAT party!   Parties have food and cake.   But there aren't major ceremonial aspects with an anniversary party.    Wedding parties, attendants, and catching the bouquet are for WEDDINGS.  This is an anniversary party and not a wedding.   Rock a great dress and serve great food but pleaset don't try to turn the celebration into something that it could have been a year ago.
    Agreed completely. You're married and you want to throw a party. Awesome. I love parties, lots of people love parties! 

    But first of all, a reception by definition is associated with an event of some kind (like a wedding reception is to receive your guests who attended the ceremony; in the business world you may have a welcome reception prior to a conference; in academia you may have a reception after hearing a speaker for the people who attended, etc.). Since the wedding is long done with, you can't have a wedding reception. But you can have a party! For any reason (i.e. anniversary) or for no real reason at all. Parties don't need reasons!

    Think about what it is you REALLY want when you talk about all the trappings of a wedding reception. For instance:
    Wedding party--do you want to spend the day getting ready with your girlfriends? Invite them to do this with you, you can do this with out a wedding party.
    Great posed pics of your friends and family--wedding trappings not required.  You can hire a photographer any time you want.
    Toasts--you really can't ask other people to toast you, but toasts are fine at parties. 
    Bouquet, garter, cake cutting, etc.--what are you looking for here? You're already married so none of this makes sense, so figure out what you're looking for. It sounds like you just want to be the center of attention. That's fine, I love being the center of attention--you can do that by hosting a great party, having a good attitude, making a point to talk to everyone, and looking amazing while doing it.