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  • Re: Some people are so rude!!

    How rude of them!
    When you get home from your awesome vacation with pictures of you guys having an amazing time make sure you dont show them. They dont deserve it.
  • Re: XP: Where did you Say Yes to the Dress? (NY/NJ area brides)

    There was definity no sales tax and if your budget is $2500 you have plenty of options at castle couture. My budget was $2000 and I got my dress and veil for $1510
  • Re: NWR: I'm such a rebel.

    I have done something similarly rebellious. I had a junior high school friend turn into a super bridezilla. We have barely spoken since her wedding 4 years ago. I sent her a std for my wedding. Then I found out she was pregnant. I said nothing.
    Months later I found out through my SIL that this friend had a baby shower that I was not invited to. I sent her a fairly expensive gift to her home. It was a kill her with kindness thing. On top of that I knew it would force her to acknowledge me with a thank you note that I did eventually get.
    She declined the invitation to my wedding, which I expected. As vain as this sounds I still feel like the bigger person. She did wrong by me and I should give it up. But sometimes I cant help myself.
    Thats my form of rebellion.
  • Re: XP: Where did you Say Yes to the Dress? (NY/NJ area brides)

    Castle Couture in Marlboro NJ. I had an amazing experience there. My consultant was awesome and the seamstress that altered my dress did a great job in about 3 visits and I had a ton of alterations because I am only 5 feet tall.
    ETA: I live in NY but shopped in NJ because there was no sales tax. My Aunt bought my dress. Its saved her a ton of money.
  • Re: Soo pissed at this jerk

    I can't even imagine how she must feel. This is only stuff you see in the movies. Break ups are hard enough without having it happen in such a shitty way.
    Had it been my wedding, I am 95% sure my brother would have stood up and punched him square in the face.