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  • Re: Mom Throwing Bridal Shower and Inviting Her Friends... Who Aren't Invited to the Wedding

    kaos16 said:
    Mom can throw a party to throw party.  You can attend as a guest.  If her friends mention wanting to celebrate you, I would think it's perfectly ok for her to say "kevinandlaura-2 isn't having a shower, but she will be attending my party"  I'm sure they'll ask you about wedding planning, and it's fine to answer their questions if you are comfortable doing so.  If mom's friends really want to give you a gift they will, shower or not.  DH's dad's girlfriend's daughter sent us a wedding gift simply because she was excited for us. . . she wasn't invited to anything.  We sent her a heart felt thank you immediately, and that was that!
    100%.  I do not need an invitation to gift someone.  I have gifted several of DD's and DS's childhood friends for wedding and baby occasions without being invited to any event.  My kids have also been the recipients of unsolicited generosity. 
  • Re: What to do with Family?

    I am thinking to have my wedding in France and I am planning a beach wedding. After the ceremony, Michale and me will go on honeymoon. However, I don't like the idea that my fam and besties just traveled abroad to attend a ceremony to fulfill my dream. So I asked the travel agents whether they can give us a package, to local sites; so I can see the budget and let my family and BMs to afford the part they can. I have 4 BMs and 4 GMs. Michale and I have told them about this plan, and they are thrilled. You can also try this. So after the wedding, you can have your own schedule and your family and friends can also enjoy their stay. 
      I am hoping that in your attempt to be brief, you forgot to qualify your statement.

    After the ceremony, you and Michale MUST host something for your guests.  This must be done even if your guests traveled two blocks to attend your wedding.

  • Re: Bridesmaid issues

    @MobKaz and @CMGragain are you guys just hurt or snobs because obviously you guys are out to hurt peoples dreams. I’ve discussed with family members and no one things like you to do. I am married yes but in my circumstance invites where sent out like a destination wedding. So you can rain on my parade just fine but I will be safe under my umbrella so thank you for your opions but you can take yourselves else where. 
    I am neither, @mrsschaefer0602

    What exactly is your dream?  You now say that "you have discussed your plans with family" and that "no one "thinks" like I do", and yet in your other post you clearly state frustration that "your MIL and "everyone"  is making a huge deal out of your plans."  You have said that your family is not "keen" on any of your plans to incorporate any actual wedding related traditions, such as garter toss and wedding party, into this party. 

    You are married.  You want to have a party as if "you just came from your wedding".  There is a reason your family is trying to explain to you that this "dream" is unnecessary, unrealistic, and inappropriate. 

    Have a lovely anniversary party, which is appropriate for your "circumstances."  As far as "taking myself elsewhere", I will remind you that YOU initiated an internet post that draws anyone and everyone to it with their opinions.  You said that you came to this forum for "answers and opinions".  You acknowledge that everyone here has suggested that your plan is not appropriate, as did your family. Now that your plan/ideas have NOT been validated, we are mere "people on a keyboard", whose opinions are clearly not worthy.   If you are not ready for comments, advice, or criticism, it would be YOU who needs to go elsewhere. 
  • Re: Bridesmaid issues

    I am planning my wedding I have a bridesmaid who likes to help but anytime she gets upset with me she just turns it into her wedding planning -_- she’s not engaged yet and gets really annoying to the point I don’t even want her in the wedding or to help me plan. Wha do I do we are good friends she just gets annoying
    You two seem to be a perfect fit!  She is a non engaged woman planning her wedding, and you are a married woman pretending to plan a wedding!

    Explain to her that you made a mistake and do not require a bridesmaid for an anniversary party.
  • Re: FMIL signing FI name to Christmas cards

    @holyguacamole7, I meant it wasn't a battle for DD to fight with her LO (just in case there was any confusion).  The grandkids love running around after baths yelling, "naked babies" as they "drip dry" running around. 

    A lot of kids have tactile issues with their clothes, too.  My son always insisted on wearing his socks inside out because he could not tolerate the seam that was placed directly under his toes.