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  • Re: Not inviting guest that fiance wants

    I do not presume to put words in the mouths of anyone.  However, if we look to the original point and issue, I can correlate @CMGragain's response to the OP.

    OP said......."There is this girl who I've never been fond of that my fiancé wants to be invited to our wedding. He says that he likes her boyfriend more than her and wants him to come. 
    The issue is I can't stand this girl and her boyfriend just got out of jail for dealing and other charges associated. I don't really want this at our wedding either. 
    My parents are paying for the wedding and they're not to excited about these people coming anyway. My plan currently is just go with "oh her invite must have gotten lost in the mail" when/if he brings it up. 

    He doesn't care THAT much who comes since he keeps saying "As long as you and I are there and two witnesses I don't care who comes."

    It appears to me that the drug issue is secondary.  The bride does not want THE GIRL to attend the wedding, and suggested that LYING to her FI was to be her first course of action.  The bride prefers to lie to her FI rather than afford him the opportunity to invite someone he wants.  That indeed sounds to me as if the bride is not considering the wishes of her FI.

  • Re: Happy Wednesday

    yes @*Barbie*, I love it! That would be so fun!

    I just checked our temps, and our two highest days next week, I'll be in San Diego anyway.  What a bunch of crock.  There's no point in going to SD if the weather is nice here!!!

    Funny how 54 is "nice".
    DH and I visited our son and DIL in LA this past weekend.  The high’s hovered in the 60’s, and at night the temps hit the 50’s.  Everyone was walking around in “puffy vests” and parkas.  At home, we throw on a hoodie.  It’s all relative :-D
  • Re: Afternoon tea/hors d'oeuvres/dessert reception

    asp1993 said:

    My fiancé and I are planning an intimate wedding with our closest family and friends. It's small (60 guests) because we feel that it's an incredibly personal event that we only want our closest loved ones to attend. We're also on a small budget (we are NOT willing to go into debt for our special day and don't want to go over budget) and are playing around with reception ideas. We know that our family and friends love us regardless but I still want to feel that I'm doing "enough" for them, especially since most are coming from out of town (a few hours drive for most but still). I'm rejecting the wedding industry in so many ways but I'm unsure of this, even though the menu excites my fiancé and I. Our family and friends come from different backgrounds and countries and parts of the country so there is no "norm" to follow. However, we live in North Carolina.

    My question is: How would you feel attending a wedding in a woodland setting that has a SLIGHT enchanted forest theme that served an afternoon tea/heavy hors d'oeuvres/dessert style menu? Obviously I'm not sure what to call this yet! Haha. Here's what I'm thinking:

    Dessert table

    Wedding cake/Cookies/Cupcakes/Pies/Doughnuts

    Tea and coffee bar
    Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, toppings (sprinkles, whipped cream, etc)/Scones/Coffee cake/Muffins/Croissants/Macaroons/Mini sandwiches 

    Hors d'oeuvres
    Various meats and cheeses/Crackers/Mini Subs/Pinwheel Wraps/Chips and dips/Vegetable platter/Fruit platter

    Tea/Lemonade/Water/Hard Cider and Beer/Red sangria/White sangria

    Another question: What SHOULD I indicate this style of reception as on an invitation? We would absolutely WORD IT CORRECTLY so that guests know that there will be no formal sit down dinner. We will start the reception sometime between 2:30-3:45pm and end between 7pm-8pm. Our timeline isn't complete.

    If you have any additional menu suggestions or advice that would definitely help too! Keep in mind that a lot of these items will be bought in bulk from Costco or Sam's but some things (like the cupcakes and doughnuts) will be bought from our favorite local specialty shops. 

    PS: Please be KIND with your opinions. I've seen some NASTY forums which I why I've NEVER posted but I need suggestions. Thanks!!

    Your menu sounds lovely for an afternoon, non-meal time reception.  However, once you begin to get into the dinner time hours, as a guest I might think that the earlier food was a prelude to a dinner.  It might translate better if your evening ended earlier.

    Why is there such a large reception start time variable?  If your reception does not start until almost 4 PM, then I would not consider your menu "heavy hors d'oeuvres.  For a reception that starts after 4 PM, I would probably expect hot appetizers or a more hearty menu. 

    You can reject the entire wedding industry and still be a proper host.  The difference is in the timing of your reception.
  • Re: Mothers Attire

    I second, third, and fourth all PP’s. Thank your MIL for her concern, and tell her that none is necessary. As others have said, you can give her information regarding the colors the wedding party will wear, but if and when you do that, please assure her that she in no way is required to match or blend with them.
  • Re: Post-Wedding Party for Parents' Friends

    No disrespect to your mom, whose heart is in the right place, but that time frame is insanity.  To exhaust yourselves, and incur costs for a “meet and greet” is insane.  I live in the Chicago area, and my son and his wife are in LA.  As I type this, my DH and I are on a late flight for a long weekend to visit them.  By the time we return Monday night, I am wiped out, and typically go to work the next day on “fumes”.  I cannot imagine doing that for a shorter time and a less significant event.