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  • Re: How to be a great wedding guest...based on my experience as a bride

    I agree with you on the dancing and saying goodbye. I'm not a crafter so I never offer to help with that. As far as the programs and doilies, well nobody will ever value them as much as you. I agree with @Shrekspeare that the excessive effort you put into them is to satisfy yourself only. As far as your ring, that's a shame. I am a jewelry whore so thief first thing I look at is The Ring.
  • Re: National anthem and half-time show

    Katy Perry was lame except when she took off to fireworks at the end. Really, though, all I cared about was the Pats win.
  • Re: Wedding Night Disaster...HELP!

    jaydiva13 said:
    Hello Everyone! I’m new to this forum.. a friend of mine suggested it to me, she said this website was a lifesaver for Her wedding! Anyway, me and my hubby to be are worried about our wedding night privacy, and here’s why. A few of our friends have already suggested that we go hang out after the wedding..Uh No! It gets worse!….my best friend suggested we come over her house after the reception for a movie night…I politely declined..and now she’s mad at me, saying im rude for saying no to the movie and drink night. Another one of my bridesmaids said well if we can’t go over my best friends house we can just all chill in me and future hubby’s hotel suite.. Have drinks and order pizza…Am I overreacting?? Should I just let them come into our suite after the reception? honestly me and future hubby just want some alone time after the wedding…my mom even thinks I’m being rude..Help bees! should me and future hubby stay in a different hotel room and not tell anyone where?

    Who are "bees"? Oh, and stay and do whatever your two want to do.
  • Re: Bridal Shower Help

    Are all of MIL's guests on the wedding guest list? Her shower list cannot include anyone that's not invited to the wedding.
  • Re: Potential Bridesmaid Dresses-Again-Sorry

    I think you've done your homework, but now it's time for your bridesmaids to take a turn. Their budgets come first. If these two dresses are within thei budgets, then it's time for them to chech toes two out.