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    I think that this bride is a beautiful person inside and out, I just think that this was way overkill. Must be nice to have funds to throw around. I hope he is as loaded as it looks like he is, or else they will be divorced in under 3 years. 
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    My dad and my step mom were set up on a blind date; their friends figured they would hit it off because they are both short. My dad was a horse jockey and I tower over him at 5’2”. She was a single mom with 2 young kids and thought my dad was a “lounge lizard” and my dad didn’t want to be tired down to a woman with “brats”.

    A few years later my dad knocks up my mom, not once but twice, but obtains sole legal and physical custody of us. When I am about 8 year old and we move from one how to another and my dad finds his “little black book” and starts calling all the numbers. The only one to have the same number and not be married was hers. He figures since she didn’t have girls that she would love a man with a daughter, I went with them on their first second round date. They have been together ever since, and she still has that same phone number.


    I met my FI from posting an ad needing to find someone to teach me how to mow a lawn and clean a pool because I bought a house with land and a pool, but 2 months after closing, my ex informs me that he has yet again cheated on me and I was DONE. My FI is a federal officer and I was able to do my own background check before having him come over to my house where I had a huge party going on. He came over on his motorcycle and we hit it off. He had 3 beers and said he didn’t feel comfortable driving home (over an hour away) so he and a few others crashed at my house that night. The next morning was the very first time someone ever made me coffee, him. We have been together ever since.