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  • Re: Holiday Songs

    I love off beat and not usually heard Christmas songs.

    I have Christmas albums from Squirrel Nut Zippers, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffett, and the Muppets with John Denver (what a pairing!).  Weezer also has some good takes on Christmas music, which they used to offer as a free download from their website.

    I love Someday at Christmas (Stevie Wonder and also covered by Jack Johnson), Mele Kalikimaka, Heat Miser, Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses, Hanukkah Song by Adam Sandler, I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas, Baby Please Come Home (U2 & Bon Jovi versions), Jingle Bell Rock (Hall & Oates preferred!), Funky Funky Christmas by NKOTB, Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC and Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You by SR-71.

    I don't like the Jesus Shoes or whatever it is song.  While I generally love all Christmas music, there is no need to hear it 24/7 from Thanksgiving on.  Mix it in, but no 24/7, maybe the last full week before Christmas.  There are just only so many songs that will actually be played on the radio for Christmas.  I actually stopped listening to my normal radio station because they switch to all Christmas. 

  • Re: Monday!

    @kvruns - That outfit and those pics are so cute!  I love them! 

    We usually use Vistaprint, but with the groupon and the quick turnaround - I couldn't pass it up! 

  • Re: HELP! Should she be a bridesmaid?

    Hey guys! Just a little update! I've seriously loved everyone's advice and it gave me the courage to ask her to meet up and talk. She refused to meet up so I ended up calling her. She said I was selfish for not thanking her for coming to my wedding instead of her boyfriends sisters (not sure why I should thank her for that when she originally told me to change my date). She said I lied to her by not telling her who my maid of honor was (again not sure why she needed to know that before the fact) and basically blames everything on me. She said I hadn't asked her to be a bridesmaid yet and that I was doing that to hurt her(I still hadn't asked two others and I had not seen her) I just apologized if she felt like I did those things intentionally. She went on to say our friendship was over and that she had made other plans the day of my wedding. I agreed that we should end the friendship and wished her well. I'm glad this all happened because it gives me a lot of relief, but I can't help but think I did something wrong? Maybe she just knew she wasn't in the wedding and was trying to one up me by "taking herself out" idk what do y'all think? 

    You have already said she is a master manipulator.  That is what she did during this phone call.  Pushed everything onto you, when nothing was your fault.  Made her seem like she was doing you a favor, when that also wasn't the case.  When she said the friendship was over, I'm betting dollar to donuts, she was expecting you to grovel and say "No, please don't end out friendship.  It means so much to meeeeeeee!"  But instead you said, I think that's for the best, good luck in life.  So give yourself a pat on the back that you have gotten out of a toxic friendship pretty seamlessly!
  • Re: Monday!

    MrsConn - I hope the drugs start to give you better relief!

    Charlotte - Fingers crossed this one goes through!  Hopefully these sellers are much easier than your last one!  And a better offer! Yay!

    6 - Greasy pizza fingers just as you are walking out the door!  KIDS!

    Our weekend was good.  Friday we went out to dinner.  DD tried pulled pork and hush puppies!  Saturday was yoga in the morning, fish breading in the afternoon, church and then dinner.  While my aunts, my mom, and I worked on the fish, H went through more of his crap from the basement.  He also got the Wii hooked up for the first time since he moved in with me 6 years ago!  We just did not have the space to play it in the old house, with the layout. 

    Sunday we slept in as much as DD would let us.  We got our Christmas card picture done!  It was the first one we took!  DD nailed it with a big smile and able to read her onesie that said "You serious Clark?" on it.  I ordered right away using my Staples groupon.  I pick them up at lunch today.  Then I sold some excess Kitchen Aid attachments that retail for $100+, for $50.  I actually had someone on one of the pages offer $30.  GTFO with that lady.  But not long after, I had a full price offer and we met immediately!  Then we went to my friends house to watch the Eagles game.  It was neck and neck, but we pulled out the win!  Though we lost our QB for the season :(  Wentz was a driving force on our team.  I hope we can keep up the momentum without him.

    Not too much this week.  We need to finish decorating our house.  There are only a few tubs of Christmas stuff to go, but we need to finish.

  • Re: It's still snowing, but at least it's Friday!

    We were gifted a ninja a few years ago and love it.  Our also had a dough blade, so H has made fresh pasta and some breads too.  I also used it for baby food this past year. 

    Our Holiday party was sparsely attended last night.  I was the first one from our group there and sat by myself at a table for 30 minutes before the first people joined me!  It was pathetic!  Eventually my group made their way over and chatting was nice.  Food was good, per usual and the free drinks are always a bonus!

    DD was so happy to see me when I got home.  Its adorable to watch her fling her arms around in joy!  She sat with me for about an hour and then it was bath time and bedtime. 

    Tonight we are going out to dinner.  Its for BBQ, so H has been dying all week since I said we should go!  Tomorrow is yoga in the morning.  Then my aunts are coming over to help bread the 5 lbs of shrimp for our 7 fishes.  Into the freezer they will go until the party on the 23rd, when they will get fried up!

    We are also supposed to get a few inches of snow this weekend!  I'm wondering what DD will make of it!  Olive loves the snow, so I usually go out and play with her a little bit too.  But at 9 now, she will be good after 5 minutes!

    Not sure what is up for Sunday.  Probably finish our decorating and doing some cleaning.