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  • Re: Tuesday.

    MJL - Best Die Hard description ever!

    Trying to keep up with work and knotting!  LOL!  I have a bunch to do before the end of the week.

    Not sure what is up for today.  H wants to mow the lawn (for hopefully the final time!) tonight.  MIL will probably come over so that she can see the baby because she doesn't see her enough apparently!

    Last night was good.  I ended up taking DD out to Target for a run of stuff for vacation.  I also gave her a broken up Tater Tot and she loved it! But not in that order.  H & I also pulled out the A/C unit from our bedroom, it was in much longer than it usually is!  Just last week it was in the 80s and we used it.  Today it was close to a frost overnight, with a high in the 60s. 

  • Re: Monday!!

    Weekend was good.  Saturday I got yoga in and H did all sorts of painting patches that needed to get painted!  He has been doing a great job patching cracks and dog damage, so its making him feel much better to see the spots painted too!  Like the damage was never done!

    Afterwards, we went to a food truck festival close by.  It was great!  Fried cheese curds, chocolate covered frozen banana, a pizza kone, mozzarepa with steak and fried plantains!  Super yummy!  Afterwards, we headed over to church.

    Sunday was relaxing and sleeping in a bit.  Thanks DD!  We also did a little bit of shopping including getting H some better sneakers and casual slip ons.  His were just worn out!  He lets me buy him more expensive shoes, but he has to literally wear them out before he lets me buy him new pairs.  Before he did all his shoe shopping at Payless, which isn't bad, but there are better choices out there!

    Speaking of shoes, if anyone is need, please look at Zappos.  They are paying for all of the funerals for the 58 people killed in Vegas, which is just an amazing thing to do!  They are a Vegas based company, so I will be paying it forward to them very soon!  Hope you can too!

    Last work week before vacation!  Woot woot!

  • Re: Heartbroken

    OWS.  I'm so sorry.  Please be kind to yourself, maybe take in an extra meeting to ensure that you can keep on your sober path.

    It might be best to see if you can live away from each other.  I know you had a housemate recently move out?  Maybe you can move into their room for the time being.

    If you want to stay together, I recommend some counseling together.  Someone to help guide your communication together.

    Again, be kind to yourself.  
  • Re: This person has to have the most patient GF and therapist

    Open relationship or not, LW's GF is a saint!  I don't know that I could put up with hearing how much my SO is in love with a roommate or two!
  • Re: Friday.....Friday October 13th

    It's finally Friday!  Felt like this week dragged!  Next week won't be any better because its my last week of work before vacation.  We are doing a week in Williamsburg and I'm just ready to go and relax and sleep in as much as DD will let us!

    Lunch will be out today with the rest of my department.  Big boss is treating everyone to celebrate a partnership for one of our attorneys.  Woot woot!

    Saturday is yoga, some work around the house (mostly for H), and then a food truck event near us.  They are having other vendors and music acts too.  It ends at 4, so we are hoping to stick out the majority of the event, as long as DD cooperates, then go right to church.

    Not exactly sure what is up for Sunday.  I'm hoping to fit in a visit to my new mom friend, to give her a hand for a bit.

    Happy Weekend WW!