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  • Re: Charlotte and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

     Oh no!!!!!  Olive has been sprayed twice.  Once was a direct hit, she was just outside our house in the fenced in yard and I immediately could smell it inside!  That was not a fun Friday night!  I did the best with what we had that night.  I got up early the next day and stocked up on white vinegar, peroxide, and baking soda to bath her again.  I also went to Petsmart and got the stuff they sell, while standing in line someone asked if they smelled skunk.  It was only then that I realized I still smelled even after my tomato paste shower after washing Olive.  I think it had more to do with not getting the smell off Olive totally that first night and then her sleeping right below me.  We were doing laundry for a week it seemed.

    Use this concoction, it really works.  http://www.aaanimalcontrol.com/skunksmellremovalrid.htm

    You can also use it on fabric, if Charlie rubbed up against anything and the oils transferred.  Put out bowls of white vinegar everywhere you can.  It will absorb the smell.  Also put the vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it as often as needed.  The smell will leave your house.  I would probably throw away any towel that you used on Charlie last night.

    Also, be prepared for the smell to potentially return.  We had to rebathe Olive 3 times to finally get all the smell out.  I think she had a direct hit in the face and it would eventually release more of the oils after a week or so.  When the smell on her returned, it was really only around the face.

  • Re: It's...Wednesday!

    Jen - I hope you can find a good job quickly!  These people passing you over don't know what they are missing!

    Pam - I use TurboTax Deluxe.  It has all of the itemized deductions to walk through.  One of them was specifically about purchasing an electric car.  The Deluxe version also comes with one State, so we can also file our NJ taxes using it.

    Guac & Banana - I went to a noon Mass.  The priest there said that Ash Wednesday is actually the most attended day in the Church.  It was a stat that the Vatican release.  It is actually more attended than Christmas and Easter!  I guess if they include the shorter prayer services in overall attendance, it makes sense.  The other fact was that Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday last coincided 73 years ago!  The priest said that he only missed it by a few months, but he wasn't even born yet!

    S+S - It's nice that your tenants didn't put up a fight and even left you with some decent things.  Sucks to have to clear out the rest and clean/repair though.

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    I got up early this morning to make H breakfast in bed.  It was something I used to do every Valentine's but didn't the last 2 years.  One because we were leaving for vacation super early and last year was because I was pregnant and sleep was needed!  So I got back to it this year.  We will exchange cards later.  We also have gifts this year - we don't always do gifts.  H usually gets me flowers too.  I got a card for DD, though she won't know anything!  I did not do cards for DD's daycare friends, they are too young!  I don't even care if I end up being "that mom" who didn't do anything!  I provided Puffs for the class "party"!

    I will probably head to noon mass for Ash Wednesday.  There is a church about a 7 minute walk away.  After work is yoga, then home.

    I've been working on our taxes a little each day.  This morning I got to the part where you can enter your electric car purchase on the Fed taxes (I use Turbo Tax).  Being that we bought a 2013 car, we were certain the credit would already be used up, since it goes by how many were made/sold or something like that.  But we somehow are still getting the full $7500!  H thinks it is wrong and I'm skeptical.  But I'm going to pay a little extra to have a tax professional look over the taxes and being "insured" by them in case anything goes wrong!  I still need to work on our state taxes.  There is something wrong with my W-2 because I was on disability and received full pay for the first 8 weeks, some of my pay came from a 3rd party.  But it was all taxed like normal, so I just need to figure out how to show that!  Otherwise we owe 3500!

    Tomorrow is back to a document review about an hour away.

  • Re: Tuesday?

    MKD - I have a green and blue for some bedrooms - I've had them so long, I don't really know more than that!  I also have an lighter than navy color to do in the family room, just for the TV wall.

    Pam - We had similar set ups in our bathrooms.  It was a baby blue sink, toilet, floor and stall tiled shower in the mast bath.  And yellow tub/walls, toilet, double sink, and flooring in the main bath.  We were hoping to keep both bathrooms as is for a few years first.  When both showers started leaking, that was a no go!  We did replace both toilets right away since the colored toilets are much less efficient than today's toilets.  We saw a big drop in our water bill from the first month to the second and the only difference was the toilets.  Thankfully the main bathtub didn't start leaking until the master shower was replaced!  It was like clockwork!

  • Re: Don't wanna get out of bed

    @Charlotte989875 I just checked their website and you do not have a Rodizio anywhere near Buffalo.  The "closesest" one is in Allentown PA!  They are a Brazilian steakhouse where they bring the grilled meats to your table and hand carve them for you.  Fogo de Chao is the more famous fancy pants version, but Rodizio is more casual and less expensive.

    Baconfest is held the winter months after New Years to keep people coming in.  They up the amount of bacon wrapped things they have.  They also added bacon to various things on the salad bar and in their side dishes.  They also have pork belly as one of their grilled meats!  It was very tasty!