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  • Re: Heartbroken

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the support and virtual hugs.

    FW and I did some more talking this weekend. We’re going back to couples counseling, she’s trying out a new therapist, and I’m going to do some counseling through my EAP. We’re also trying some things like doing chores and errands and taking care of the animals together instead of letting it fall completely on one of us and spending more time unplugged from technology in the evenings. Yesterday after we visited my family and told them what was going on with the wedding, we took Mutt for a walk, did some cleaning together, and binge-watched Doctor Who. In my opinion, it was one of the best evenings we’ve had in a while.

    She’s also going back to school next semester, which I think will help, and she’s agreed to look into doing an intensive outpatient program to deal with her PTSD and other issues.

    As for me, I’m getting to more meetings and working on building up my support network a little more. I keep very busy and encounter a lot of people through work, volunteering, and my Meetups, but I need to work on building and rebuilding friendships.

    Edited to add: I see the EAP counselor tomorrow. It was a pleasant surprise to get an appointment that fast. We see the couples counselor in two weeks, and FW meets her new therapist Friday afternoon.
  • Re: Thursday

    FW took the written test for her learners’ permit today. She takes her driving test a week from Saturday. Gods and Goddesses, help me.
  • Re: October baseball, anyone?

    Good game Yankees fans. There’s always next year.
  • Re: God laughs when you make plans.

    Your pictures are gorgeous, and one day you’re going to have some great stories. Congratulations!
  • Re: Finally Friday

    It’s 3:00 here and I just finally got to eat lunch. 

    Tonight, FW and I are going to the gallery to decide how we want everything set up. Then we’re going to our Friday night meeting.

    Tomorrow is FW’s birthday. We’re going to dinner with her BFF whose birthday was yesterday. She’s probably going to spend the afternoon with her BFF before that, so I’m going to do laundry and help out our friend who is recovering from surgery. After dinner, we’ll probably go to Barnes and Noble and a movie. Any recommendations?

    Sunday, meeting my sponsor, going to a meeting and taking my friend’s dog to the dog park. Then going to get started on some organizing and cleaning. Maybe go to the craft store.

    I have Monday off (yay government jobs), so I’m going to spend the day organizing the dining room/office and spare bedroom. I’ll take my friend’s dog to the park again.

    BTW, happy early Thanksgiving to our Canadian Knotties!