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  • Re: How to specify 'no heels' in an invitation?

    Our reception is at a park.  I put the website on our directions cards, and put some basic information on the website that said "the ceremony and reception will be on grass. Heels are not recommended" or something like that.

  • Re: Name change?

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    Neither of us changed her name.nbsp; Then again, I didn't change my name in my first marriage to a man. The custom never made any sense to me.nbsp; You end up losing everyone you have known your whole life unless they know your partner's name, losing any reputation you have built professionally, and going through a lot of hassles in the name change process itself.nbsp; Believe me, it is a lot less trouble just to have separate last names! Posted by 2dBride
    I didn't have this experience at all. The entire name change process took me a half a day to complete and was really no big deal. I'm still searchable on linkedin and facebook under my old last name, so I didn't lose any professional contacts.
  • Re: Looking for opinions/suggestions on assigned seating?

    I had open seating. No assigned tables or chairs.  But, I also had lots of extra space and seating.    We could have accommodated about 170 people for only about 130 guests, so no one had to worry about getting a seat next to their spouse or date or having to sit with someone they didn't like.   
  • Re: How can I keep costs down?

    Just because other people in your region have thrown crappy parties and been rude to their guests, doesn't mean you should.  Don't charge your guests admission to your wedding reception.  Charging them for any food or drinks is the same as charging admission.  This isn't a nightclub.  You need to host whoever you invite.
    Don't go into give into "peer pressure" from random netizens... hold the wedding that you want to hold.

    So, if you host a dinner party, do you make chicken and lobster, but only give lobster to the guests who drop a $50.00 dollar bill on their way in the door?  What about wine?  Put a glass of water next to each setting, but tell them it'll be $5.00 if they want wine with their dinner?  Of course not. When you plan a party, you should plan on paying to host it.  You don't charge guests.  You host what you can afford, and if you can't afford it, you don't serve it.  

    This isn't regional. It's social circles.  Plenty of people in Kansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, and New York know that they shouldn't charge their guests for food and beverages they should be hosting.  It may be normal in your social circle, because no one taught them etiquette, but that doesn't mean it's normal for your region.  

    A wedding reception is a party, just like any other party.  If you want to throw a party, you pay for it.  If you can't afford your dream reception, you either invite less people, or change your vision of what your dream is to fit into your budget.
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    pinkcow13 said:
    QueerFemme, I think I would have loved seeing a big fish looking at me haha!

    Yea, we only went to San Juan and it was soooo touristy. I couldn't even get real Puerto Rican food there! Trust me, I tried hard those first 2 days. For that, I could have just gone to the Bronx where you can get the real deal food! Although, we did go a bit further out of San Juan when we went to Culebra beach, and I finally got my authentic food on the side of the road. 

    Oh man, you are going to have such a blast there in January! My girlfriends and I want to plan a trip  next year, and I suggested PR. Hopefully I'll be back there soon :D

    Stay in Rincon !   there are two super cute hotels in Rincon that I love.

    The Coconut Palms Inn (which has about 12 rooms) and is directly on the beach)  http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g264369-d267552-Reviews-Coconut_Palms_Inn-Rincon_Puerto_Rico.html

    Or, you can stay at the Pineapple Inn. It's owned by two fabulous gay men who bring you fresh fruit and pastry every morning.  It only has 6 rooms, and isn't directly on the beach (but only about 50 steps away) but it has a pool and is super cute.  http://www.thepineappleinn.net/

    Both of these places are "out of the way" enough that you aren't dealing with any tourists, but only a few blocks from grocery stores, restaurants, etc.   And tons of awesome puerto rican food wtihin a few blocks.