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    Oh man, we just found out that our tenants mother passed away last night from a stroke.  We want to send them something, but something useful like food (family of 5!).  they live in a really small town and nothing local will deliver.  Do you think sending them Giordano's frozen pizzas for a sympathy thought is inappropriate?  Around these parts I could send ready made meals but like I said, very small town in IN and nothing like that around there - maybe a sympathy basket from amazon?
    I think you could send them a gift card to a local restaurant or even grocery store with a condolence note that says “if I were nearby I would have stopped by with a casserole, but since I can’t I hope this helps in this difficult time.”  Frozen pizza doesn’t feel right to me. 
  • Re: Unconventional MOH Situation

    Go ahead without them like she told you to! Not a problem. 
  • Re: Gifts

    You need to get everyone in the wedding party a gift. It’s not complicated. Stuff for your wedding isn’t a gift. You didn’t need to give gifts for asking them but the fact that you did doesn’t get you off the hook now. 
  • Re: Who pays for bridesmaids hair and makeup?

    Neither. If it’s mandatory you pay. If it’s optional they can pay, but it really has to be optional. 
  • Re: Invitation/Wedding Shower Etiquette

    Concur with @ILoveBeachMusic's advice.  The "rule" is to send invites to whomever you would like to invite to your wedding.  Do not take into consideration if you think they could/couldn't make it.  That is for them to figure out/decide, even if they are your coworkers.

    Only people invited to the wedding can be invited to a shower or wedding luncheon.  In a way, I see this as a win-win to invite anyone you would like to attend your wedding.  Because then you can also invite them to any wedding related events.  In that respect, a person can know that they are probably going to decline the wedding invite...either because they don't want to go to a DW in Ireland or can't get the time off...but can still accept the shower invite.

    For example, I personally would be really unlikely to attend a DW in Ireland unless it was my BFF or a close family member.  But would definitely accept a local shower invite from a good friend/coworker. 

    Completely agree, except I’d much rather go to a coworker’s destination wedding in Ireland than a local shower!