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  • Re: Long Engagement vs. being apart for first 8 months of marriage?

    My best advice would be to finish school and then get married. Don't wish away your college education, focus on it as it is important. We lived apart as a married couple for about 6 months while he was stateside and we were long distance prior to being married so I do have some experience with what you're feeling. Of course I wanted to marry him as soon as he asked but I think that waiting to marry til after I finished school has given us a lot more success in life, careers, and our marriage. I know you just want to move on with your life together but, honestly, when we were separated while married I still didn't feel like we were going anywhere as a couple. We were at a stand still. It made it hard and it made me sad and I quit a really good job I probably should have hung on to for another 6 months because I just couldn't do it anymore. I can sympathize with you wanting to marry sooner but, what does it change for the positive? If the answer isn't that it will increase the strength of your bond, I would wait and really a tradition of exchanging vows and rings won't really make a difference in the bond you have. Communicating and enjoying your lives together whether you're married or not, far away or living under the same roof is the only thing that makes a difference in that. So, after all that being said, my advice is to wait. Get married when you can really be with him and start building the next chapter of your life together. It will be that much more special for you.
  • Re: A sticky situation with JOP/ceremony

    Actually a lot of people plan long distance, a lot of people have destination weddings. Is it ideal? No. Is it doable? Yes. Seriously, you act like no one has managed it before.
  • Re: planning a wedding during depoloyment

    Depending where he is, it can be very difficult to acclimate back to normal life. Have you been together for a deployment before. Has he deployed before. I know a wedding is the last thing DH would have wanted to deal with immediately after a deployment. Moving in together for the first time is also hard enough to do under normal circumstances. I don't think DH and I would have survived it immediately post deployment so if I were you I'd push that back as well. I know plenty of couples where the SM is not receiving BAH but they have small cheap apartments and budget wisely while he/she maintains a barracks room as required. No reason why BAH is a necessity.
  • Re: Sabre arch

    I guess I don't feel I should say for privacy sake but if you're wondering if he's even allowed to do it, That's not the issue :)
    Yes, because I'm going to look up 2LT Knottie67868874 in AKO. And I figure he's a non prior service 2LT, because that's the only person who'd have his fiancee or girlfriend find the answer to something he ought to be coordinating. I didn't post the manual so you'd have to understand Army regs, I posted it because he should be looking there. This is his job to coordinate. 
    But, Stan, they're always watching...and they can read minds...
  • Re: FI is USN Officer...who are we obligated to invite?

    A wedding is usually a pretty personal thing so, unless you are very close with someone in his COC, I don't see a reason why you would have to invite anyone.