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  • Re: Popcorn Bar instead of hot appetizer

    Lol, I never said it was tacky to provide cheese and crackers... I said the amount I would be able to afford would look tacky as each person would get one cracker with cheese. Sure I love expensive cheese too, but my budget is cheese whiz not mango Stilton LMAO (YUMMMMM, BTW). I wasn't looking for validation, I don't care what strangers who aren't coming to my wedding think about it. I was explaining that is all and answering questions as they came to me. If you don't expect an answer why bother asking a question? Or were the questions meant to be rude and sarcastic? Because if so, sarcasm is often lost over the internet.

    As to the question about polling my 50 guests, no but in paying attention to their habits I've seen them all eat popcorn sometime or another during our time as friends/family (whether at a bar, movies, work, party, etc). I did check with my one friend bringing a new boyfriend that I have not met to ensure he liked and could eat popcorn.

    Cocktail hour will be in the same area as the reception so they will be able to sit at their seat or roam the area and participate in the entertainment if they choose. The point about being easier to carry a bag if cocktail hour is standing is a good one, since many of our activities get people up and moving.

    Thanks everyone for your feedback, I appreciate it.
    If you can afford "gourmet" popcorn, you can afford veggie and dip trays. I would take that every option over popcorn. And I like popcorn. 
    So, I have explained this already but I will do it again. The cost of veggies and dip trays was to the point that each person would only get about 3 pieces, If anyone had too much there would not be enough for everyone, and very few people are only going to take 2-3 items and walk away. Most people would take a few of each type of veggie unless there is something specific they do not like, then normally you add more of a different type. It would not have been in my budget to provide enough veggies and dip to actually ensure everyone got something. We worked numbers every possible way, looked at every store in a 50 mile radius of the venue and all the pricing left the same conclusion. For the money I spent on popcorn I could not have fed every person veggies and dip unless someone was rationing the veggies out LOL 

    Stupid boxes;

    Bullshit. There's no way veggie trays and dip cost more than 'fancy' popcorn.
    Gourmet my arse!
  • Re: Reception Exit Input Needed!

    Here's an idea...put one foot in front of the other until you reach the door. Turn the door knob/handle, then walk through it. Unusual, unique and quirky just like you wanted, right?!
  • Re: Plus ones for wedding party

    I understand. I had a small wedding - 31 guests.

    Had I only invited people I knew personally, I would have excluded my husband's grandmother.

    Had I invited partners I approved of and exceeded six months only, I would have excluded the best man's now wife.

    Had I assumed no one would care if they were not given a guest, my own grandmother wouldn't have come.

    My point is that just because it's your wedding day, you don't get to treat people like shit.

    And you can pretend not to care what your single friends do, but your posts reek of judgment and it's disgusting. Obviously you think you're better than them, but the least you could do is pretend not to be so superior and arrogant and give them a damn guest if they want.

    She's inviting all her friends in relationships. Her definition of "serious" is "my friend told me it's their significant other". This is the same as TKs. She is not allowing her single guests to have plus ones. If a friend really wants to bring a plus one, they can call her and explain. Can we let this go without calling her a terrible person who hates her friends?
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  • Re: AW- Married!

    Love the bouquet, I had sunflowers too!
  • Re: Guest list conundrums....I'll try getting help again.

    LtPowers said:
    Contrary to popular consensus on these boards, the etiquette mavens require couples to be invited together socially only if said couples have made it clear that they wish to be so invited. (This can be done a number of ways, most explicitly by getting married, but also by moving in together, getting engaged, or even asking that they be treated as a social unit.)

    Unfortunately for the OP, the individuals in question have essentially done the latter. By insisting that their current dates be invited, they've essentially declared themselves to be social units, which does obligate you to invite them.

    If these relationships are not particularly serious (which isn't your place to judge, but we have to acknowledge it's a possibility), it's rather rude of them to insist on being able to bring a date, but if they're willing to pose as a committed couple (i.e., as a social unit), then polite society requires us to go along with it.
    Bullshit. If you know I'm in a relationship, that in itself tells you we want to be treated as a social unit. If we are both invited, we then decide whether we both go, one of us goes or neither of us goes.