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    Heyyyyyy @ShesSoCold

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    So when I originally did my rough draft of guest list to see the maximum number of people who could show up I gave everyone over 16 a plus one to make sure we would have room. Now that we are closer to addressing and sending invites who should get a "and guest on invite?" My main question is the list my FMIL gave me some people have "and guest" some don't and I don't know if the people are 16 or 90. She invited our future neighbors (FI's current neighbors) and the majority of them are in their 80s and widowed. She did not have and guest for these ladies. 
    All of my great aunts are widowed and have been for years. One of them has lots of "male friends" so she is getting and guest. But some have been single since their husbands past years ago. 
    Is this a case by case basis or a set rule/guide? 

    Obviously if I know they are dating someone that persons name goes on the invite. I'm asking about the ones who are single. 

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    This is up to you. I would give a +1 to the older people as they might want to bring someone who will drive them. I would also keep it consistent. As in, don't give a +1 to 15 out of 16 of your friends and not the 16th.

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     Good luck today, Jen!

    Ugh Starmoon that time before you're comfortable with stubby legs IS exhausting! Hope it's going well!

    I've never dyed my hair and I'm seeing more greys every day. I'm scared.

    Nothing going on today, water resto guy stopping by to check on the progress of the basement dry-out. Tomorrow I have a dentist appt. (my first in like 4 years :# ) and a wax. H has a tattoo appt. and I might stop by to see if he'd be able to cover mine up somehow with my dog's paw print. I looked into getting it removed but I'm scared at how painful it would be.

    We're DEFINITELY doing taxes this weekend. In high school, my best friend's parents used "doing taxes" as their sex code phrase, and I still can't think about taxes without that. Hopefully we'll be doing both kinds of taxes!

  • Re: Name Change.. ID Cards.. New Address.. ummm

    Agree with PPs. As far as I know, there's no timeframe or deadline to have your name changed after marriage. I waited nearly 6 months to change my name.

    If I were in this situation, I would just wait until I moved to change my name and get it all done at once.

    Erin & CookieInLoveInQueens
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    I'd also like to add that it sounds like the groom may very well care about inviting these people (although I do agree with you, Jen, that it's ultimately up to the hosts). Saying "as long as you and I are there", to me, means that he doesn't care if it's a big or small wedding but he might have opinions on who is there if it is a big wedding.

    This seems similar to me saying "I don't care where we go on vacation as long as I'm with you" to my H when, in fact, I'd really rather not vacation in North Korea.