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  • Re: NER: Too much dessert?

    My cousins had cake, cookie table, and an ice cream bar.  The cookie table was in the lobby and was set up before the guests arrived.  Everyone had to walk through it to get to the cocktail hour, then back through it for the reception.  It was attacked, and it was almost gone before dinner was over.  They budgeted 18 cookies per person (our family is full of cookie monsters, normally the rule of thumb is 6-8 pp).... Cake was served immediately after dinner, and they did the ice cream bar about 2 hours later.  They had to go containers, but didn't actually need them.

    It may be much, but if they time everything right, it should be fine.  I do like the idea of combining the s'mores and candy bar.  There's also a local place (assuming this is in Pittsburgh) that does customized ice cream sandwiches, which can account for cookies, s'mores and candy....
  • Re: Bride's mom + Bridal Shower/Bachelorette

    Who is paying for it? If MOB wants to "be involved in planning," does that also mean being involved financially? The answer should guide you in how to approach this.

    If you are the only financially responsible party, I suggest you discuss this with the bride and see what she would prefer.

    How many people would you be hosting? Would there be enough seats (defined as seats with a back, not a bar stool) for all guests?

    I read your other post, and you said the "bride was laid back, but liked my suggestions." Which one fits the bride's personality more, that would allow proper hosting?

    Also, is it possible the MOB is trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by turning this into both a bach and shower?
  • Re: Eco Friendly gift wrap bridal shower

    As someone who loves wrapping gifts, I would ignore the request, as I am sure many other guests would. It would be an inconvenience, and would require an extra purchase.  Many registries offer complimentary gift wrapping, which makes things slightly easier for the giver.

    Could you just have someone collect the paper and use it for other purposes or put it in the recycling?  My family will occasionally save the paper and repurpose it for something else (valentine's day boxes, scrap booking, other gifts, storing decorations).
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  • Re: Bridesmaids financial responsibilities

    So is it okay to bring your FI, or will she get back to you when all of the RSVP's are returned?
  • Re: Handling early guest arrivals to the ceremony?

    I would also make sure that they can sit down in the shade.