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  • Re: Mothers Attire

    hdmay said:
    My future mother-in-law is really wanting me to pick her a color to wear already and I just can't decide! 
    The bridesmaids are wearing a dusty blue/slate blue color, the groomsman have dark grey with the same blue color tie. We are getting married in a garden so there is a lot of greenery as well. I am unsure of what color to have the mothers wear. Like some type of neutral or navy? Any opinions would be helpful. 
    Tell them they can wear whatever they want to wear.
  • Re: Adressing invites/STD help!!

    CMGragain said:
    I am sorry, @southernbelle0915 , but Mr. and Ms. John and Jane Doe is not a proper address form.  I suggest you use Ms. Jane Doe and Mr. John Doe, which is approved by most etiquette experts.

    When these etiquette gurus (Miss Manners, Emily Post Institute, etc.) change their default style, so will I.  So far, this hasn't happened.  Remember, there are many people who do prefer the traditional address style.  You have no right to dictate to them, or to denegrate their choice of address.
    Choosing generally not to use an antiquated and sexist form of address, etiquette-approved or not, is not denigrating someone's choice of address.  If you know that someone prefers a specific form of address you should always use that, regardless of if it's the etiquette-approved form, but there's nothing wrong about choosing to use a blanket format that is less traditional and more egalitarian for people whose preference you don't know.  The feelings of people who prefer a traditional form of address are not more important than the feelings of people who are offended by the traditional form of address.  Frankly, if it goes head-to-head I think the feelings of the people protesting sexism are more important than those of the traditionalists.
  • Re: Thank you.

    Good lord.  TMI times 12.  
  • Re: Gifts shipped not brought??

    Hell, I remember etiquette debates on here years ago about whether it's inappropriate to have a table at the wedding that is clearly and solely for gifts because a) it indicates that you were expecting gifts, and b) guests aren't supposed to bring gifts to the wedding itself so it indicates that you were expecting your guests to break etiquette.  
  • Re: Gifts shipped not brought??

    scribe95 said:
    That has been quoted numerous times.
    Yes, I know.  I read the thread.  That's why I'm rolling my eyes at the claims that it's a "rule," not a rule.  Is it because so many people do it and don't want to be considered etiquette rule breakers?