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  • Re: winning marykay from davids bridal? *with update*

    I had a Mary Kay woman call AND text me for three months because I "won" something from her that she swore I signed up for, but couldn't tell me when.  I didn't know if it was from David's Bridal or the one super small bridal show I went to at my venue.  The woman was super pushy, and wouldn't take no for an answer.  I finally had to basically tell her to leave me the F alone because she continued to call and text after I told her I wasn't interested.  I hope it works out for you and you get someone who isn't as pushy.
  • Re: strippers and bachelor parties

    I was in a similar situation as you OP-I don't particularly care one way or the other.  I think that if my significant other was going to cheat on me, it would probably happen without a stripper.  Going every weekend is a different story, but if you want to pay to see nakedness that you see at home, go for it.  

    My ex went to a bachelor party a few years ago that involved a day trip to go fishing, and a party afterwards where strippers would be coming to the house.  My ex told me about the plans, and while I wasn't thrilled about them coming to the house, I had a feeling it was going to be a disaster because several of the wives and girlfriends weren't even told about this part of the party.  The fiance of the bachelor was having her bachelorette party on the same night, and as it turns out, one of the girls let it slip during their limo ride home.  Most of the women in the limo had significant others who were at the bachelor party and they showed up.  It turned into a big scene with couples fighting and the strippers even ended up fighting with each other.  It caused problems for a really long time for many of the couples because several of the women were furious.  I think I'd be more angry that he lied about it versus seeing some T & A.
  • Re: Baby William Update (Now with more update)

    Congratulations!  Hope you are feeling better soon.
  • Re: When to go off the pill?

    I, personally, would not go off of BC until I was actually ready to have a baby. Just in case. But i'm in no real hurry.
    Good advice because I got pregnant immediately after going off the pill.  If you have regular cycles before the pill, chances are your cycle will be regular going off the pill.  I had my last period on 1/1/15, and we started TTC.  I got pregnant immediately.  We are thrilled, but still a little shocked that it happened so quickly.

    My doctor told me that I could stay on it right up until we were ready to conceive and warned me that this could happen, but I figured it would take a few months, like everyone else mentioned.  Be very prepared (although you seem to be ready) that you could conceive immediately without another form of BC.
  • Re: Vanderpump Rules (kind of WR?)

    arrippa said:
    If you can spend $90k on a wedding, you especially shouldn't do a dollar dance. 

    I hate her dress so much, because it looks like the top and bottom are from two different dresses. 

    She's just a spoiled little girl who thinks she can have whatever she wants, including other people's husbands, as was once the case. 
    Isn't that why she is so prominent on the show? I remember them dragging it out with Brandi. On both shows. I hate her so much, so hard.
    Yeah, they love to remind us on the show. 

    Oh, and she had $90k to spend, but couldn't invest in a cleaning crew?! My wedding was less than $10k, and I still paid for people to clean up when it was over. 
    I was thinking the same thing!  Last week I thought it was tacky that she seemed to be begging for handouts.  This week's episode with mention of a dollar dance and wanting to make sure her friends were up to clean the next morning made me want to vomit.  Who wants to clean up someone else's wedding, good friends or not?