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  • Re: When to collect addresses

    We got marred in April, and started getting addresses the summer before (so about 10ish months?) We just put a * by the people who were likely to move (cousins in college, that one friend who just doesn't stay anywhere, etc), and followed up with them before we sent anything. Most of our families weren't going to move, so we didn't worry about that.
  • Re: "I have a confession" - and other things spouses' say that could mean anything

    H & I usually text during the day and rarely call each other. The other day he texted me and asked if I could talk. 

    He had to tell me his parents can't watch our dog over the weekend because "he snuggles too much." I was like WOW well that is not as life-changing as I thought it was going to be!
  • Re: Invitations and RSVPs

    MandyMost said:
    Yes, sending every person over 18 their own invitation is technically correct, but it doesn't always make sense in practice. Some of my relatives would have totally balked at multiple invites going to the same house, and thought we were just throwing away money and showing off how much money we have to throw away.
    Who cares? I mean, some people might balk at a hosted bar, or having enough chairs, or serving a meal during meal time, or properly sending invites. Just because those people don't understand what's polite doesn't mean hosts should skirt the rules. 
    I don't (personally) think those things are on the same level. Technically it might be polite to send everyone over 18 their same invite, but I don't think it's rude if you know your guests' preference. I sent most of my adult cousins living at home their own invite, but there was one family I knew would be like WTF if they got 4 of the same (plus their mail is super sketch and they'd probably come on different days!) so I put all of the kids on that one. I don't think this is the same level infraction as not hosting the bar or not having enough chairs, and maybe open a little bit to interpretation, based on the guests.
  • Re: Bridesmaid problem help please!

    What's going on in your friend's life besides your wedding?  I would ask the shop for the absolute latest day to order the dress (because they often lie when they say 7 months), let your friend know that, and then the ball is in her court. Give her a pass on some of the "activities." None of them are required as a bridesmaid, and not everyone is able to go to everything. I was in a wedding several years ago and the bride had THREE showers. She was upset all of us didn't go to all 3 of them, but I had to travel several hours to get to each one. I was in school and working full time, there's no way that was going to happen. 

    But also, it IS hard sometimes to not get wrapped up in wedding planning and to realize our own wedding (or anything, really) just isn't as important to other people as it is to us. Spend some time with her just as friends, and maybe relax on the wedding business a little bit. 
  • Re: Gender reveal party - Gifts or no?

    Sorry for the delay ladies.  Long day at work.  Thanks for the replies.  I personally think these are AW-ish, but my cousin always throws good parties and hosts well, so I don't mind going for that.  Likely will take something to drink then as she won't want me to bring food.  She loves doing that kind of hosting stuff.  
    They are 100% AWing. But also I will 100% always go when someone is a good hostess and throws fun parties. 

    I like the idea of a fun non-alcoholic drink, or even maybe a plant?