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  • Re: NWR - Kiwi needing suggestions for West Coast North America holiday

    For Vancouver breweries, try Steamworks (located in Gastown) or Granville Island brewery. 
    I've never gone to Whistler but my husband has. Like pp said, it's pretty expensive. It's also apparently very crowded for skiing so be ready for that. 
  • Re: Facebook Snark

    Ironring said:
    peachy13 said:
    This is maybe a weird unpopular opinion of mine, but I don't really get why brides change their last name on FB the same day as/day after their wedding. I get changing your status to "married," because yes, you're married now, but there's no way you legally changed your name that fast. I personally waited until I was completely and officially changed over to DH's last name and changing it on FB was the very last step. When brides change their name unrealistically quick, it always seems like they really hated their maiden name and couldn't stand spending another second with it.
    It probably depends on where you live, but just for general information....within British Columbia, the minute you get married, both your maiden name and your married names are considered your legal names. You are free to use either without any sort of legal paperwork. 

    Of course, you'll need to show proof of marriage if you want to actually change documents over to your married name (like your driver license) so there is paperwork involved that way. And most places get angry if your ID doesnt match. I don't have my marriage license in the mail yet, so I haven't been able to change my name on anything official yet, but my married name is still my legal name if I chose so. 

    Also, many people chose to use one last name professional and another last name socially and there's no issues with that. 
    Thank you, I was going to post that! Also from BC here :)
    I changed my fb in the week after the wedding, and was going by my married name at work before my ID had been changed (since I had to wait for the certificate)

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  • Re: House buying is SO STRESSFUL! Update!

    Good luck on the housing search! We are also first time home buyers and still trying to find a place that meets our criteria and doesn't break the bank. 

    We live in a small town where home prices have gone up a lot in the past few years due to potential projects in the area. No projects have been approved but that doesn't stop prices going up. Many of the home are older, and there are few available lots to build on. The city is holding on to development areas for housing in case of future projects. There are a lot of houses on the market that are priced high and are essentially tear downs or would have to be gutted. 

    It can be frustrating, but we are holding out for the right house for us. We think we've found it, but don't want to pay too much for it. So we're trying to be patient. 
    Hope your search works out!
  • Re: Livestreaming a Wedding

    Rude, its one thing if granny can't make it, so you set up the livestreaming for her to view your wedding.  But just sending out the link to everyone is so AW and could be seen as gift grabby by some people.

    I know that some Vegas chapels live stream their weddings, but that link should only go to people who can't attend your wedding but were invited to share the day and declined attending.

    Ok, this makes me feel better about my reaction. I thought it was in poor taste. I don't think they are doing it to be AWish, but more of a misguided idea that their friends want to see their wedding. They are both people I met working for a summer camp so they have a lot of Facebook friends from this. I think they did it to include them all somehow? 
    Doesnt justify it but yeah. 
  • Re: I got boo'd on wedding wire for this... second opinions PLZ

    You got boo'd for good reasons. What you are trying to do is dishonest. You are already married. You should tell your husband's parents immediately and hope you didn't hurt their feelings by keeping a secret for so long. 
    The "signing of the papers" may not be significant to you but it is to a lot of people. Maybe stop brushing off your wedding day as "not real", as that is offensive to a lot of people. 
    As a Christian I understand wanting to be married before moving in together. That does not make your situation ok. You are likely going to hurt a lot of people with your pretend wedding, including your in-laws. 
    Secrets can get out. There will likely be many people who will be disappointed that they aren't seeing your real wedding. It will be worse if they find out from someone else. 
    What are you going to do for the "signing of the registry" part of the ceremony??

    I'm not sure what you're looking for here. You will not get an ounce of validation from this website. Please do some damage control before you lose friends and hurt family over this.