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  • Re: Telling people what is served

    Many friends drink and many friend don't. Often what we'll do at parties is BYOB and provide non-alcoholic drinks {usually at the enjoyment of what non-drinkers like}

    Given the situation, I would do "Mocktails" since the guest of honour is underage BUT maybe find a place that allows outside drinks to be brought in
    It’s not appropriate to have your guests bringing their own alcohol to a big formal celebration like a quinceanara. 
    Totally agree.

    And if this is like what I saw when a friend had a formal 16th birthday party a hall is booked, an extensive amount of food is served and the event rivaled some weddings I've attended.  

    In those instances, if the event was dry you'd need a better reason than the age of the guest of honor.   You can have one - but there would be major side eye. 
  • Re: Wednesday

    @banana468 ; who are you going to talk to about what happened?
    I already spoke to the daycare provider about it last night, emailed their teacher (they share the same teacher), and the school principal called me.  

    This is the same kid who told Chiquita about yelling "Candy Man" and "Bloody Mary" in a mirror.   I don't think I'm a crazy over protective mother when I say that I don't think those movies are suitable for a 2nd grader.
  • Re: Wednesday

    @CharmedPam this has made me on the verge of tears.   I hate that I can't protect my kid all the time but I'm SO PROUD of her for talking.   I just hope I can always be the mom my kids can talk to.

    @charlotte989875 , I hope your student's holidays are fantastic with an F.
  • Re: Wednesday

    @charlotte989875 , is it happening now or are you grading papers clearly showing signs? 

    Good news: Chiquito is on the mend and didn't even have a fever at the pedi's.   He's on ibuprofen and honey-based cough syrup and slept better last night.

    Bad news: Chiquita had an incident on the bus with a kid last night who kept talking about vaginas, sex and went so far as to move his head towards her crotch while using his coat as a shield so the older kids wouldn't see it.

    My poor kid came home feeling off, weird, and she knew it wasn't appropriate.   I went into Mama Bear mode and called the daycare provider (they ride the bus to and from the daycare) so she was in the loop and immediately emailed the teacher.   By 10 AM I had a call from the principal telling me about what's going on and that's she's handling this.   In the meantime this child is in her class and they'll be kept as separate as possible.

    I want to hold her and squeeze her and tell her that she was SO good at speaking up and doing the right thing.   

  • Re: Holiday Songs

    @MissKittyDanger, we definitely sang a mix of songs.   Because so many Classical (I'm going to put that in as the genre and not necessarily the time period) composers were also hired by the church, a lot of great music may be Christian but IMO, it's a disservice to omit Mozart and Beethoven or Schubert.