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  • Re: Do I send a gift, two gifts, gift plus card? So many choices..

    Send a gift to her around the time she actually gets married.   I'd try to do what I could to know that she'd be in town at the time the gift is delivered so it's not sitting around if the wedding is far away from her.

    No need to bring any gift with you to the AHR.   You can bring a card if you want but the reception isn't a gift giving event. 
  • Re: Can I have my best friends help plan my wedding if they are not invited...

    I guess I looked at the planning side as, "Oh - you're going to go shopping for a dress?   Let's go together!"  

    Don't turn this into more than it needs to be but I would be happy to do stuff like that with a friend planning a small wedding. 
  • Re: Weird dog story for the morning

    I'm with @southernbelle0915.

    I would find it REALLY hard to take anyone seriously who wanted to take home a dead dog to sleep with it one more time.   To then find out that she exhumed the dead dog from ground to have it cremated elicits thoughts of both anger and confusion that the sister herself was incredibly self-centered to desecrate the dog's grave and body.  

    I don't think the LW did anything wrong and I think the sister herself did.    I probably would not seek any kind of discussion with my sister on this.   I would hope that those who see her on social media posting would also scratch their heads rather than think that the LW did something wrong.

    I can tell you that I'd hesitate to put my sister in any kind of position of authority in my life if that's how she behaves.     

  • Re: Invitation Etiquette

    That's terribly rude! So they're inviting "the boys" and not "the girls"? What?!

    Your husband should absolutely decline. If he's all "but it's my brother's wedding!" Then the response is "but it's your wife and daughter!" Either the brother invites you, as your husband's wife, or y'all don't go. That's where I'd be.
    All of this.  I'd like to think that it wouldn't be a discussion in our house.   It would be a head tilt with a big no in response. 

  • Re: Gifts

    We gave framed pictures.   They weren't expensive but were heartfelt.