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    MandyMost said:
    banana468 said:
    I'd echo the PPs that you shouldn't tell people what TO wear but I'd also ask that they specify what a bare shoulder means.   My wedding dress was sleeveless but my shoulders were mostly covered.     The dress was a V neck top that had lace shoulders approximately 3 inches wide.    So I'd hope that they specify what does and doesn't pass on their own website. 
    I would assume that sleeveless=bare shoulders, and would therefore not be allowed. 

    It's probably a good idea to have some shawls available for guests who thought otherwise if the rule is sleeveless=bare shoulder=not allowed. 
    That's my point.   I was married in a Roman Catholic church that requested "modest dress" of me and the WP.   The strapless dresses of my BMs meant that I provided them with linen wraps for the ceremony.   There was no issue with my dress though.   It met the modesty requirements.  

    So I'd ask that they be specific because we're talking about the difference in about 1.5 inches of lace.
  • Re: If you keep it, you're asking for bad juju

    I'd tell him that I found some money in a couch.   If he plans to want any of it back then he can also expect a civil lawsuit looking for payment to replace the shit he broke.  The out of pocket expenses will be deducted and he can expect the balance.

    If he doesn't like the terms of that then fuck off. 
  • Re: If you keep it, you're asking for bad juju

    I'm not going to argue that it is the moral thing to do, but I would keep every last cent of that money and not have even a miniscule moment of guilt.  I'm pretty sure it is legally hers anyway.  Because he abandoned that piece of property.  It doesn't matter that he is a dumbs**t, who apparently can't even remember where he put $10K cash.  That cash was in the abandoned property, hence it was abandoned, as well.

    I get her angle on the parents, who we will assume are innocents in this.  Though maybe they aren't.  Maybe they knew all along what was going on.

    But, either way, it wouldn't matter from my angle.  His parents gave him that money.  It was a gift.  As a gift, it became his property.  So now it's my property, because he abandoned the couch.  Serves him right for what a ruthless POS he is, that he couldn't even be bothered to get his ratty couch out of my house.  On TOP of everything else he did.

    Quite frankly, he'd be lucky if I didn't ALSO sue him for the $2K in car repairs.  Because I'm legally entitled to that also.


    This one made me start thinking a bit outside the box.  And the kinds of situations where it can actually pay to just be a decent person, instead of scumbag.

    As a landlady, once my tenants leave one of my units or is evicted, they're out.  Anything left in the unit is legally mine.  If a tenant I evicted or did something else despicable, left a couch in the unit with $10K behind one of the cushions.  No way would I give that back.  Because they were sh***y and unfair to me, so Karma is a bitch.

    However, if I had tenants who'd been great or even just decent, and left a couch in the unit with $10K in it.  That money would still legally be mine, but I'd return it to them.  Because they were good people, which makes it the moral thing to do, in my eyes.  Minus whatever my cost was to move out and haul their couch out to a landfill ;).

    My aunt just dealt with this with her condo unit.   The tenants were evicted.   Terms were that their stuff had to be out by a certain date.   They left a treadmill and TRIED TO BREAK IN WHILE MY AUNT WAS THERE to get it back.

    Needless to say, those tenants needed to buy a new treadmill.
  • Re: WTELMF?

    You're working for someone who expects you to buy for HIS KID?  Yeah, GTFO of there.  Maybe get a token something to tide you over until you get a new job but that's the sign of a major d-bag.

    That's slightly different IMO than an office that observes an administrative professional holiday because well, the admin is an employee!

    Am I the only one that isn't having a flashback to Ross moving into his new building? 
  • Re: Who is this person friends with?! Also, USE YOUR WORDS!

    Nip that at the door.   "Oh, they're not allowed in those rooms."  

    If they still ignore the OP, it's time to be pretty blunt, "Oh I'm excited for your visit but need to let you know that the dogs will either need to stay outside while you're here or you may want to leave them home." 

    We have our annual party on Saturday.   Kids aren't allowed upstairs.   Not happening.   The first time we had the party in our house I found wooden blocks in my pillow case.   There wasn't anything damaged but I also nipped the kids running up the stairs immediately upon arrival the following year.